Victor B. Putz

Victor B. Putz
11013 Kielich Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111
(505) 271-8780


Software engineer, team member, and eventual team leader in an organization dedicated to advancing the use of technology to solve real-world problems.


  • Energetic and highly motivated software developer with over ten years of experience in multiple languages, environments, operating systems, and technologies.
  • Aggressive self-study of software development best practices, using professional reading programs from established organizations to keep abreast of the industry.
  • Well-developed written and spoken communication skills in operational and instructional arenas.
  • Experienced in quality improvement processes and operational risk management principles.
  • Eight years as a leader in intense, mission-critical, team-based environments.

Formal Education

2000Masters in Software Development and Management, Rochester Institute of Technology. GPA 4.0/4.0.
1992Bachelors of Science in Traditional Physics, United States Air Force Academy. GPA 3.6/4.0. Named Outstanding Cadet in Physics.

Software Development Highlights

  • Driven to invent and explore new platforms and technologies—researched and created open-source tools, library, and runtime to allow development on PalmOS using the SmallEiffel compiler (work in progress available at; independently developed applications for Sharp Zaurus Linux-based handheld; developed tools to allow multiple languages (Eiffel, Python, and Haskell) in the same executable (; won a silver medal in Eiffel Struggle 2000 programming contest).
  • Self-directed problem-solver—Independently developed WDM (Windows Device Model) device driver for SpaceOrb 360/Spaceball 3003 6-degrees-of-freedom 3d controllers when parent company stopped support; initial release greeted with great enthusiasm by device owners. Current development tree available at
  • Focused on reusable tools--created read-only file system library (, multimedia/game development library (YakIcons, no longer developed), and unit testing framework library (, regarded by users as "simpler" and "easier to understand" than similar testing frameworks such as CppUnit.
  • Targets process improvement—researched, specified, developed, and released YakTrack, an XML issue-tracking application in Python, with command-line, web, and email interfaces. Entered into Software Carpentry development tools design contest. Available at
  • Created report generator/mailer to parse text files into individual training reports for aircrew using Microsoft Access/Visual Basic for Applications. Reduced weekly workload into a few mouse clicks; rated as a commendable best practice by unit inspectors.
  • Designed, developed, tested, and released Flynn Sprint, a commercial game application released in 1996 (sole developer).

Instructional/Communication Highlights

  • Lucid speaker capable of organizing and describing complex ideas; called upon to explain technical concepts in support of Russian technical document translation for US Army Reserves personnel.
  • Classroom and direct-to-student instructor at US Air Force's formal helicopter schoolhouse.
  • Inspected, edited, and authored personnel evaluations and organizational-level documents as Executive Officer for formal training unit.

Process Improvement/Risk Management Highlights

  • Implemented infrastructure for process management and improvement in helicopter missile support squadron as Chief of Quality. Acted as evaluator for Quality Air Force assessment on host organization (similar to Baldridge Award Criteria).
  • Developed, implemented, and tracked Operational Risk Management (ORM) program for daily operation; referred to by leadership as the "tip of the pointy end of the spear" in USAF-wide implementation of ORM practices.
  • Identified defects, specified requirements, and tested fixes to USAF's only UH-1N helicopter flight simulator, valued at over $8 million.

Continuing Education

1996 - PresentSelf-directed study in software development practices, using reading lists and materials from industry leaders
2000Government Quality Assurance Representative training
1999USAF Academic Instructor School
1997Squadron Officer School, won flight award for outstanding writing
1996Various courses in Quality Management (Overview, Process Action Team member, Team Facilitator, Quality Air Force Leadership)
1996Aircraft Mishap Investigation School
1995Operational Risk Management Course

Professional Organizations

Member, IEEE Computer Society

Chronological Work History

Oct 2000-Oct 2002Lead Program Manager, UH-1N Operational Flight Trainer
Jun 1998-Oct 2000Helicopter Flight Instructor, Kirtland AFB, NM. Multiple positions, including Assistant Director of Aircrew Training and Squadron Executive Officer
Apr 1994-Jun 1998Helicopter Pilot, Grand Forks AFB, ND. Multiple positions, including Chief of Safety, Chief of Quality Process Improvement, Computer Resources Manager, etc.
Jan 1994-Apr 1994Student, Rotor-Wing Qualification Course, Ft. Rucker, AL.
Dec 1992-Jan 1994Student, Undergraduate Pilot Training, Reese AFB, TX.
May 1992-Dec 1992Software Developer, Department of Physics, USAF Academy, CO.


  • C++, C, Python, Ruby, Eiffel, C#, some Haskell, Java, and OCaml
  • XML, HTML, SGML, DocBook DTD
  • Linux, Unix, Windows (all varieties), PalmOS, Embedded Linux
  • Emacs, CVS, Visual C++, various Unix utilities
  • Microsoft MFC, TrollTech QT libraries
  • Design by Contract, Universal Modeling Language (UML), Business Object Notation (BON), Personal Software Process (PSP)
  • Communications and presentation skills using Microsoft Office products and classroom technologies (smartboards, etc)
  • Secret security clearance