Nikola Anwyn Chun

01/18/05 @ 19:43pm

5 lbs 11.2 oz (2597 gm)

17 - 3/4 inches (45 cm)


Album 1: The first days Shaynee goes in for a checkup, but has a Cesarean section that day, 4 weeks early.
Nikola is born, and gets admitted to the NICU.
Album 2: The long haul Lots of pictures of Nikola doing what she does best -- looking cute.
Apparently, taking food by mouth is not what she does best at this point.
Album 3: The home stretch Final days in the NICU.
And after 15 days in the hospital, finally at home!
Album 4: All in the family Nikola's first few weeks at home after her stint in the big house.
Gains a pound in under two weeks. Life is good.