Nikola - album 1

Shaynee arrives for her "Non-stress test". Non-stress, my ass. We are at 36 1/7 weeks.

Jan 18, 2005. It's a rainy day in Seattle.

Shaynee and her OB, Dr. Anne-Marie Amies-Oelschlager. Whew!

Mommy gets her first IV. Blood pressure 76/44.

Ready to start the Cesarean section in the OR.

We're out! The on-call peds team does their thing.

Yes, we needed some positive pressure ventilation.

2597 grams.

That's 5 lbs 11.6 oz for those who don't speak grams. And 17-3/4" long.

Mommy gets to see baby for the first time.

Daddy and baby. Nikola is mad and gives the finger to the anesthesiologist.

On our way to the NICU.

Mommy gets to see Nikola the first night.

A family moment. Daddy fixes the nasal cannula.

A (brief) bit of skin-to-skin. Mommy looks tired.

Daddy tries to calm the angry Nikola.

Still trying.

Still angry.

Much better. I like being swaddled.

Mommy gets to hold Nikola.

Cozy. Really cozy.

Nikola is happy. Mommy is still tired.

Gramps and Grandma Snider get to see Nikola.

Cozy again. We're getting gavage feedings because apparently, a respiratory rate of 120 is too fast to try to eat.

So happy together.

Wow. The respiratory rate is finally in the double digits!

Yummy tube feedings. Colostrum is good stuff.

Mommy sleeps.

We were a little cold, so Nurse Crystal found this ruffly thing to wear.

Almost alert.

Back asleep.

Popo and Gung-gung Chun get to see Nikola.

Gramps and Grandma Snider again.

Shaynee and the happy grandparents.

What a day. Back to sleep.

JAlbum 5.1