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I worked in radio broadcasting for many years. In that time, I both voiced myself and heard many stupid advertisements. On this page, I shall try to keep a record of those ads which I find most exceptionally stupid.

A pair of ignorant Wal-Mart ads

The first entry is a pair of ads for small hand held two-way radios in Wal-Mart sale flyers. The first offered radios with 500 watts of power. Anyone who knows about hand held radios knows that is ridiculous. Five watts is at the high end of the transmitter power in such radios, and five watt radios do use up batteries at a fast rate. But look at this ad:
Five hundred watt radio.

Then Wal-Mart outdid themselves in another sale flyer just three months later. They advertised 500-megawatt radios. That is 500,000,000 watt transmitter power. Maybe they meant 500 milliwatts. That would be one half watt. There is a difference.
500 megawatt radio"
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