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Page date = 14 September 2003

I use Amiga computers, mostly.
Some tips for Amiga owners are available in the link shown below.
AmigaHints Amiga OS update ideas are on the first AmigaHints page.

Link to AmigaHints
Even before you check out those hints, be aware that you alone are responsible for any troubles with or damage to your computer which may occur when you make the modifications detailed in the attached text file.

See this link for my page in the Kansas City area which has pictures of Amiga computers.

I live in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, KS.
Current weather

Since I worked for twenty years in radio broadcasting, I became fascinated with weather.
This link to the national weather radar shows one of my most favored WWW sites.
In the book, "Mallory's Oracle" by Carol O'Connell, the character Rabbi Kaplan says,
"The Hell of Christianity is not eternal fire. Hell is the absence of the beloved."
Carol O'Connell/Rabbi Kaplan has that right.

Here is a 1998 photo of my son, Steve Davis (1973-2001). In this picture he was using his GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver to determine his precise location. Steve was visiting me in Emporia, Kansas at the time. Rest in Peace, my son.

Picture of Steve

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