Marnes Augusto Hoff

M.Sc. in Computer Science at UFRGS, 2002-2005.

B.Sc. in Informatics at PUCRS, 1995-1999.

Current Location: Grenoble, France

I finished my Master Course in Theoretical Computer Science in September 2005. The work was about Category Theory and treated spans and ways of modelling some structures, such as binary (multi)relations, internal graphs, and even Petri nets, just with the same span construction instanced to different categories. Also, the work treated composition of spans by pullback and the meaning of this composition to the modeled structures: multirelations, internal graphs, and Petri nets. This composition can easily be used to give semantics to systems (automata, LTS, Petri nets) even with dynamic topology. You can see my Master Thesis (PDF, Portuguese only) and the presentation (PDF, Portuguese only). My advisor was Prof. Dr. Paulo Fernando Blauth Menezes and during the first two years I had a Master scholarship from CNPq.

The examining committee of my master thesis consisted of:

They graded my master thesis with a unanimous A (max grade).

During the Master Course, I did "Didactic Activity" twice. Consists of preparing classes and exams, teaching undergraduate students under the supervision of the Teacher, and correcting exams and implementation works. It is mandatory (once) to who has Master scholarship from CNPq. I did it in two different courses by one semester each:

Sporadically, I act as substitute teacher (basic category theory, discrete mathematics, formal languages and automata, and theory of computation) at UFRGS and private math teacher to undergraduate and high school students.

From July 2006 to February 2007 I had a DTI scholarship from CNPq at Conexum to construct an addon that uses Conexum's Portuguese grammar checker Literal to BrOffice, the brazilian extension of OpenOffice.

Currently I am looking for a scholar/internship, temporary position or similar to research/work with (theoretical) computer science or mathematics. I also intend to start a Ph.D soon in some of my interests areas.

Some other contacts to ask for references:

My Curriculum Vitae - CV (PDF).

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My genealogical tree (family; not academic): genealogy.pdf (English) or genealogia.pdf (Portuguese).

How to make wireless works with Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) in notebook HP Compaq nx6110 with Broadcom device bcm43xx.

Our tutorial to build an wireless link, about 1km.

A simple Haskell source code to draw the background image of this page. Load the file with interpreter, like "ghci bg.lhs", and type "draw".

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