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The first documented appearance of Cassidy is late summer 1995.  It was at this time that Cassidy first appeared in a small town in Northeastern Indiana.  Cassidy was employed as a watchdog, diligently guarding the entrance to a well-known brothel.  Critics and clients alike agreed that a dog of Cassidy's calibre deserved a more respectable profession.  On the last Sunday of November 1995, Cassidy was abducted by co-conspirators and taken to South Bend, Indiana, making the 100-mile trip in the trunk of an inconspicuous Pontiac Grand Am.

Cassidy lived a life of contentment in South Bend.  Essentially, his duties were limited to watching pornography and Playstation.  Finally, after two years under a certain "Golden Dome" a young man who had "befriended" Cassidy before the abduction brought him to Louisville, Kentucky. He remained there until 2003, when he made the trek up north to a land where Wolverines roam. In 2006, he again relocated, finally arriving in the Indianapolis area where he resides today.

Prior to 1995, Cassidy's history is essentially unknown.  He is guarded about his past.