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      In "Seasonal Light/SAD Products on the Market" 
          under "Bright Lighting Manufacturers":
            The Indoor Sun Shoppe
            Lumax Industries/Nu-You Lighting
          under "Twilight Simulation Manufacturers":
            PhotoTherapeutics Company
      In "Seasonal Light Product Vendors":
          The Indoor Sun Shoppe
          Light Therapy Products
          Healthy Environments
      In "Personal Anecdotal Experience":
	  Jonathan's Dimmer: More kit info
          Some Summer SAD: Cheryl in Oklahoma
      In "Further Seasonal Light, SAD and Mental Health Sources": 
	  Dr. Rosenthal's website, latest book editions
          Light therapy and the eyes 
          John Wiedman's Insomnia Homepage
	  Beyond the Blues Website
	  Dutch Light Therapy Website
	  Amjo SAD Lights Homepage
	  Dave Deberry's Leveck site w/engines
          Healthy Environments

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Special Announcement: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 Volunteers Needed for Light Therapy Study We are looking for subjects for a SAD study sponsored by NIH in the NY metropolitan area. The study is being done at the Sleep Disorders Institute of St. Luke's - Roosevelt, under the supervision of Dr. Gary Zammit ( Time is of the essence because the SAD season is ending and we have had another unusually warm winter. The URL for the site, along with a complete description of the study and the conditions for the subjects to meet, is The e-mail address of the project coordinator is Dr. Neil Goldman President ______________________________________ Enlightened Technologies Associates Corporate Headquarters 10370-A Democracy Lane Fairfax, VA 22030-2522 (703) 359-4447 voice; (703) 359-6808 fax;