Further Seasonal Light and Mental Health Sources

    Dr. Rosenthal's Website, latest editions
    Dr. Norman Rosenthal SAD article on DRADA directory at Johns Hopkins University
    SAD Research, Dr. Michael Terman
    CET: The Center for Environmental Therapeutics Homepage
    Seasonal Affective Disorder, Dr. Raymond W. Lam, BC, Canada
    Raymond W. Lam, M.D., Director, Mood Disorders Clinic, Vancouver, B.C.
    The Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR)
    Mary Jacobs' SAD Periodic Posting
    ASK ALICE Healthwise Menu at Columbia University
    Joel Cooper's Medical Reporter on SAD
    Tailored Lighting Inc., daylight lamps
    SunQuest Group Homepage on DUFF.NET
    Outside In Cambridge Ltd of the UK
    MediluX BV Light&Health-Intropage
    SUNBOX Designs Ltd of the UK
    Finland Website on Mood Disorders
    New Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome Webpage
    Sean Crist Lighting System
    HEALTHY FLYING: Jetlag Tips
    HEALTHY FLYING: Timezone Change Tips
    PENDULUM Resources
    Society of Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms
    Tina Wood's Depression and Mental Health Links
    Walt's "Lighting up the place..."
    GALAXY Homepage: See area: Social-Sciences/Psychology
    Light therapy and eyes
    John Wiedman's Insomnia Homepage
    Beyond the Blues
    Dutch: Lichttherapie voor winterdepressies
    Amjo SAD lights
    Dr. Weed on SAD and SJW
    Healthy Environments
    Dave Deberry's Leveck Site w/engines
    Mediconsult.com, health center

Lou Puls