Pure Pleasure

Art and Music
Title Description
Digit Mania A large collection of digits for counters and clocks
The Dilbert Zone The World's most entertaining nerd
Fairy Suryana's 3-D Library An excellent place to find 3-D graphics
like the ones on my pages

Humorous/Weird Stuff
Title Description
Farty Pants LTD I can't believe a product like this exists
Find-A-Grave Do you want to see pictures of famous graves?
The ONION A satirical newspaper

Television Programs & Movies
Title Description
The Official Babylon 5 Web Site One of my favorite Sci-Fi shows
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon The place to find more information on weekly episodes
The Simpsons FAQ List of Inquiries and Substantive Answers
Star Wars Trilogy The official place for the latest information on
Star Wars.
The X-Files Another one of my favorite Sci-Fi shows