Computer Related Links

Title Description
The Linux Home Page The official Linux web page
RedHat Software The Linux distributor that I use
GNOME The latest and greatest Linux Desktop
KDE Another Linux Desktop Environment
XFree86(TM): Home Page A free X-Windows server
The XAnim Home Page An excellent animation viewer

Title Description
The Linux Quake Page A great place for Linux Quake information
Blue's News My new first stop for Quake information

Title Description
CGI Variables A table of some CGI Environment Variables
DDD The Data Display Debugger
Java-Linux The place to go for the latest Java-Linux information
JavaSoft The Home of Java
JavaWorld An online Java magazine

Favorite Software Companies
Title Description
Amazon.Com An incredibly large online bookstore
ARDI Home of a Macintosh Emulator
ID Software The Creators of Quake.
O'Reilly Home Page They have great books on computers-n-stuff
PowerQuest Makers of Partition Magic