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This page is here for me to share things with friends and family. If you stumbled on it by mistake, there's probably nothing here to interest you. Try the Nyx Home Page instead. Needless to say, nothing on this page should be considered as representing the viewpoint of Nyx Net Public Access Unix.

The Wedding Pictures Are Here!

Below is a good sampling of wedding pictures. These are not ALL of the wedding pictures, not by a long shot, but Brenda and I picked these out of the whole set as a sampling of the best photos.

The quality is not the greatest on some of these. That's because I'm limited to two megabytes on this web server, and I wanted to get as many photos as I could on here. So I used some relatively high compression when scanning these photos in. However, everyone should be recognizable. And because these photos are small, they should load in a (relative) flash!

These photos won't stay on this page forever, so look fast! Also, sorry, there are no honeymoon photos included. The weird code in parentheses after each photo identifies the negative for us, so if you want a real copy of the picture, you should tell us the code for the picture you're interested in.

Westport Photos (taken one day before the wedding):


The Wedding:

Posed Shots:

The Reception: