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[1]The Netlink Server .
[2]High-level gopher menus via Jughead at WLU.
[3]Veronica at the University of Minnesota. (Gopher files/text.)
[4]CUSI. (general.)
[5]Directory services at Internic (telnet. login="archie", "netfind", or "x500")
[8]Alta Vista.


and Display the Results

(Web and Usenet.)
[8.1]Four-Eleven. A great way to search for people.
(Enter person's last name and, optionally, the first name)
[9]Other Searches


[10]The Netlink Server.
[10.1]The first Gopher was the one at the University of Minnesota.
[11]CERN had the first hypertext document. This is now located at the World Wide Web Consortium. Overview of the Web.
[13]The Virtual Tourist.
[14]For something really fun, visit the Yahoo! hotlist.
[15]Other Directories


[17]Software. (archives&etc.)
[18]Web Development.
[19]News Resources.
[20]Reuters News. (via Yahoo)
[21]Weather Resources.
[22]The Virtual Reference Desk.
[23]A Calculator.
[24]A Dictionary.
[25]Reference Calendars.
[26]The Earth Viewer
[28]Map Viewer.
[29]DNS lookup.
[30]Utilities via where.com. (including the HyperFlow interactive dictionary.)
[31]Other Utilities.


[32]Nyx. Nyx10. html.
[33]M-net was America's first Public access Unix System. html.
[34]Grand Rapids Freenet. html.
[35]Other freenets.

Bulletin Board Systems

[36]ISCA BBS is the largest DOC BBS in the world, with typically 1000 users online at once.
[37]Brinta BBS is a charming site in The Netherlands.
[38]Other BBS's.


[39]The Web's Edge.
[40]The Free Internet Chess Server.
[41]The American Internet Chess Server.
[42]Chess Space.
[43]What's Cool! from Netscape.
[44]What's Cool! from Yahoo!.
[45]Cool site of the day.
[46]Hot site of the night.
[47]Funky site of the day.
[48]Interactive Web Games.
[49]Interactive Web Art.
[50]Interesting Devices Connected to the Net.
[51]Games Domain.
[52]The Netlink Server's Games, Sports, and Recreation menu.
[53]More Fun&games.


[54]Adult links. (must be of legal age to view some material)
[55]Art links.
[57]Government links.
[58]Internet related links.
[59]Media links.
[61]Science Links.
[62]More misc.

Things around here.

(I live about where the crosshair icon is).

[64]Census Data.
[65]The Time.
[66]The Weather. The latest surface map (regional), satellite image (hemispheric), radar/map composite (contiguous United States), doppler radar (lower peninsula, via grr), and radar summary (regional).
[68.1]The State of Michigan Government.
[69]The Library of Michigan.
[6]The Detroit Journal.
[71]Under Ann Arbor.
[72]More things around here.


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