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Luau (, the Drive Like Jehu mailing list once maintained by Eliot Shepard in Boston, has since gone to pasture. In its place is a new mailing list which I was notified of first by Rob Perelman on September 6, 1995. Originally, I posted here the e-mail Rob sent me on how to subscribe, and the e-mail you will receive in return once you do. However, the address of the mailing list has since moved (late November 1995). I have updated the same e-mails below with the new address.

p.s.: If you don't know the connection between Drive Like Jehu and Rocket from the Crypt, this is for you: John Reis is RFTC's "Speedo". In the rumor mill, although John insisted that if Interscope records signs RFTC, they also sign Jehu as part of a package deal.

Despite these original claims to treating both bands equally, word has it that John is now devoting himself fully to RFTC for the coming year, year and a half to see where things head. Meanwhile Jehu is in something of a limbo. Mark Trombino and Rick Farr are working on other musical projects together and separately, and Mike Kennedy is doing other things on his own. They do not seem interested in playing as "Jehu" without Reis. And with the way things are going, it is uncertain whether there will be a Jehu if and when Reis returns. In summary: Jehu is in limbo at the moment. You can read it in Mark Trombino's own words in the interview with Mark.


Date: Wed, 06 Sep 1995 16:11:14 -0700
Subject: Rocket Mailing List

I have just been informed that a Rocket from the Crypt/Drive Like Jehu list has been formed. For those of you who do not know, I maintain the Rocket web site at url, so I fully support this mailing list. Here's the subscription info...

Send a message to with JUST the word "subscribe" in the BODY of the message. (if you want to subscribe to a digested version i.e. get 40K chunks of messages at a time, then send that word to instead..)

Date: Wed, 06 Sep 1995 16:54:17 -0700
Subject: Welcome to atomjack-digest


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