Drive Like Jehu Lyrics


Saturn Outhouse 7"

Lyrics: Rick

(c) 1989 Pitchfork

Thin Ice

Yea the weight of the world is on my shoulders
cause it's already broke the camel's back
& the payload is getting heavy and
I can tell the ice is about to crack

I think it's safe to say
the ice gets thinner every day
but if I can I'll back away
and thaw to freeze another day

sooner or later I'm gonna sink
whether it come crack or spring
there's no way I can cheat the drink
no matter how quick I think

cold flat feet drag like lead
frozen thoughts bog down my head
ice bend & break my brittle spine
freeze my mind

covered over by a cold grey sky
the air buries me alive
thin ice thaw, gimme mine.


Uh, the goat in him is hard to kill
and is has yet to eat his fill
its lengthy struggle
has dragged him to the top of the pile

but the summit is sunless
in dark he ponders its success
holds what he's created
in the hoofs he calls his hands

but he's in love
with the dead grass underneath his hooves
cause it's better than nothing
he's in love
dinner bell
ringing in his stomach
he's in love

the weak part is getting stronger
his shadow getting longer
the light is fading fast
like winter setting in

with the viewpoint he commands
from the height at which he stands
he can retrace every step to the top
but he'd rather poke out his eyes instead

up there there is no cover between the sky and him
can't help thinking it's over cause
the only way left to go is back.


I'm in a boat
there's a hole in the bottom
and my oars
have floated away

I'm bailing my boat
with both of my hands now
to keep my head
above the waves

salt on my hide
pennies on my eyes

I've lived my life in this ol' boat
and all this time I've kept afloat
but I'm treading water now

and I'm wondering how
how it feels to drown
I'm sinking down.

Way down



Lyrics: Rick

(c) 1990 Pitchfork

Burn Pigs Burn

I'm painting you
and all the ugly things you do.
You're holding a machete
your mustache makes your arms too long.
Goddamn - I got a memory.
Yeah, man, I got a family.
I'll see your face in the closet,
cold cocked in the dark and left for dead

Burn pigs burn, man,
you'll learn pigs learn, yea.

Gonna kick into your pumpkin
gonna put you on a mailing list.
I'm peeling out in your garden,
you better go and count your kids
fuck yeah

I got a piano wire
yeah man, I'm gonna build a fire

gonna follow you down to the park
and gonna throw your shoes in the kite eating tree.


One ton over the rail
Wonton freeway bail

16 ribs a furry
sucking sun by the side of the road
toothless lady in no hurry
she's cheating death by driving slow.

Tire irons from jesus, only he would cheapen us,
only he would give a damn what your problems were.
Babies in the garbage can make your average cretin an honest man.
Where were you when they handed out the hearts?

High five
Long drive
Nose dive
You sense uptight
Yeah, it's funny because you don't feel a thing,
when every pin is dropping down and every cog is grinding round.


Maybe you ain't much more than a scenery...
tho' that isn't how you've pegged yourself.
Similar thoughts have been thought before.
The padding doesn't seem to help.


You make it easy to grovel, maam,
I follow you around
with a shovel
scraping up the scraps that you throw down.
I'd listen to you
before I'd see you leave
(not much else to do) what about...

What about me (snif) the runny puppy (snot)
surgically removed from you.
Left in 'spite'
left in 'sickness' obsolecense like
excess baggage over the side.

in rations.

Obsolecense cut off
cut up
like something
weak and useless
scrapped in graphic detail
like a parasitic twin
again & again.

New Kid

You got class
remember that
I like you, new kid, you got class
you always manage to keep it down
drink like a fish and never drown.
Dutch boy with a finger in a dike
you're alright

New kid, you're dependable,
you're a beacon of light for us all.
But you're expendable if you set foot outta your stall
don't jump character, kid..
you're too far
from home.
The kid market for your kind is flooded
(you're nada)...
you're not alone.

Wanna get cut from the herd
just say the word.
I'll do the honors, kids.
just say when.

Let's hear your phone voice,
let's make the soft noise...
sounds like paper rustling
and looking straight ahead.

Rana (Frogs)

Sharing a cigarette w/a leper,
a cigar with a leperette..
Smoke don't give no shelter
it's easy to forget

That skin won't rub off on me
and i go home clean
and everything is peachy keen.

(hop toad hop)
(don't dry up)

Upside down in your garbage,
I'm breaking in to your garage.
Thank you for your guiltful gesture
ya wear it like a purple heart.

That's the way the cookie crumbles
and filters down to us
I guess it must beat being a slave.
It's amazing what people throw away.


I can eat
but I can't cook
Just in time for dinner, lord!
Foot pad foot.

But if I win
I get to loot
dance and jig,
foot pad foot.

Fuck all the holes that can't be sewn today

Flatland Farming


Drop Dead

This is all my fun
this is all my fur
scattered on my carpet
settled in my hair
the skids sleep in my laundry
this is on my carpet
smoke cigs on my stairs
on a drop dead afternoon
laughing gas in a flesh balloon

but every now and then,
that crap smells almost fragrant.
Most of my inventions
I built with what i stole

hum drum

Drive Like Jehu

Drive Like Jehu

Lyrics: Rick 'cept "Step on C" by John

(c) 1992 Drive Like Jehu


Gracie, we're makin babies, yea, we're barefoot on the tiles
we make 'em soft and small and tender, it's the biggest hazard of your gender
gotta hold it by yourself
Gracie, hold yourself together, it's bad now but it gets better
we're all here to help

everything is swollen, everything is swell... everybody's watching

they all wanna see it kick

pleasure is your crime, junior is your punishment
happens all the time, everybody rub it in.

It ain't hard to find fault in any thing you do,
we learned to love the hard way, you're gonna learn it too.

Spikes To You

'A' frames, statuettes, sunset magazine
they're lining up to do their jobs but i swear to god i seen:
bits and guts and pieces hanging from the trees
Stumpy mow the lawn, c'mon, ya gotta bare piece a' ground.
Pour some concrete, buy a sofa, lay yer body down

your kids are fucking in your garbage
they're waiting for your job
got the mouths around your paycheck
got joyticks for your saws.

Step On Chameleon

You wanna fist, you wanna ride,
go to school so you can hide,
step on the bus be rewarded,
get off last & yer retarded,
last off, last in line,
chameleon doin' fine,

second hand will tick,
pancake batter gettin' thick,
cut my finger on a butter knife,
watch the blood flow down just like
the blood i see on yer hands.

Bloody foot print swollen tongue,
scaly skidmark better run,
bitter swallow get you numb.
What is gold? Silverbullets.

O' Pencil Sharp

O' pencil sharp, pencil dull
pencil drag, pencil pull,
gonna pencil poke ya' to the floor
gonna pencil fuck, gonna pencil whore,

o' pencil vulture, pencil dove
pencil kisses, pencil love,
pencil drop, down from above
spittin' pencil bullets pencil slugs...


o' pencil now, pencil then
long before ya had a pen,
gonna stab and stick man, gonna pencil gore,
o' pencil get the response, the one he looking for

to erase is of no avail, pointy pencil will prevail,
slippery the pencil slide, swiftly the pencil sail.

C'mon won't ya pencil me...

Atom Jack

Rats, Handfulla silvers
I just wanted to hop your fence,
I wanted to wade, I wanted to wallow
I wanted somebody to rub my neck.

Yeah, you should be happy to see me
be glad that I'm not dead.
I took your bullet, anyone notice?
Noone was thrilled to see me again.

Dream your dreams
you'll wanna take them back,
nobody gives a fuck about what you see.
You split your last atom, Atom Jack.

If It Kills You

Your 47th birthday cake
is peeing acid on your face,
light a candle
it won't light your fire
many bad things that you'll hate
piling higher on your plate.
If you ain't starving, you ain't satisfied

learn to relax, if it kills you
you had your chance, hold on.
'Cause it's gone

sometimes I'm a mangler,
sometimes I sleep on it
sometimes I'm a hamburger
sometimes I dream of it.

Good Luck In Jail

C'mon over to my house, yea. We'll work on my car.
Just got some more duck tape, I got the parts,

payload, speed boat
wanna come along,
vice grip, guilt trip
don't get me wrong

I can sleep standing up, and still look awake,
for 6 bucks an hour, for 8 hours a day,
where's all my money go an hour after I get paid?
I can get the girl wired but I can't make her stay.

lean down, swing down
don't be too long
vice grip, guilt trip
don't get me wrong

quiet ... when I'm here alone
I need somebody I can talk to, but I think I broke the phone
I said good luck in jail the last time I called home
I need somebody I can talk to, but I think I broke the phone

Turn It Off

it off
wipe that look off your face.
it off
look what you done to this place.

yer flawless sense of timing.
you got so many lines

the faucet just keeps on running
water down in style

it off
it off

ya know the soft answer
from a thinkin' man,
makes for the softest landing
turn away a whole flock of wrath

but when yer plumbing backs up
you're gonna drink it down
where ya gonna shack up?
Who's yer landlord now?

Future Home of Stucco Monstrosity

Gotta cough, got the sniffles,
saw a doctor, got a match,
got a hammer, got a nail,
gotta casket, got a match,

got a green card, got a hassle,
took a beatin' got a match,
hey man, hey man, hey man, gotta match?

Tell yer ma, tell yer pa, our loves gonna grow,
it's a government building and the hatchet job i know, i know
every single cinderblock they all gonna blow,
tell your ma tell your pa our love's gonna grow.

Drive Like Jehu

"Hand Over Fist" b/w "Bullet Train to Vegas" 7"

(c) 1992 Drive Like Jehu

Hand Over Fist

The beating you deserve
Hand over fist
Gonna say it with a smile
Gonna say it with a lisp

Yeah, never gave it up
Man, that ain't good enough

Give em an inch they'll take a mile

Bullet Train to Vegas

We'll ride the bullet train to Vegas
The minute that we blow this burg
Just as far as it'll take us
Pay the man and ride the turd

Sopping wet -- stinking drunk
We'll bob for tokens up and down
Pull up a tit and suck away
Gonna milk that sacred cow (

I can't wait to come home

Drive Like Jehu

Yank Crime

Lyrics: Rick

(c) 1994 Drive Like Jehu

Here Come The Rome Plows

Sad to say its over now, here come the huns
pick a side, or pick a spot

here come, here come the rome plows

why waste
your time
here come the huns
be my date tonight

here come, here come the rome plows

cal state
no fun
stay put
here comes
to clean the slate
to pass the time
to erase
yank crime

yeah we're on
the recieving end
i never been
dear heart, dear friend
i never been on
the recieving end
not a scratch, not a dent
i never been on
the recieving end, i never been

Do You Compute

Do you compute?
I think you do
don't need it proven
don't wanna listen
don't need a tour of the pieces i'm missing
as if you were put here to straighten us out
and everything you said was being written down
you weren't and it isn't and nobody's listening,
and nobody gives a fuck what you go do with your life

Golden Brown

I got a shingle and i'll guard it with my life,
i'm just keeping off the flies
yeah i drank from the tap
shoulda left it in the pipes
this is my cause and my excuse
i'll take the loss but i'll get what i got due.

yeah i ain't burnt
just golden brown.


Failures in outer space, failures and crimes,
lets get something straight: s'not for mine.
before you were born, after you die,
failures in outer space, failures and crimes,

it's depth - whatever its worth -
it's in the unit to measure the curse -
it's in the set-up yeah it's built in,
whatever the get up - yeah it's built in -
wait til the rubout - wait til the purge -
wipe the last ahole the fuck off our turf -

aloha! aloha! suit up!
luau! luau! luau! luau!

kill off the tourist and we'll all sleep sound
cash-in their fillings & blow it in town
we'll blow it on rifles, we'll blow it on drinks,
head in the corner, head in the sink

Super Unison

Ready ready to let you in.
up with the mob.
it ain't no accident we're better off.
you're set to inherit what i got.

you're putty now in my hands.
you're bloody now in my hands.
yeah keep the herd in check or be absorbed.
thats all.

yeah that'll happen next and who'll be there to write you off.
bla bla bla...

New Intro


New Math

Yeah i'd stoop to that.
sure i would.
yeah you been had.
that's how i got my job at the underwriter's lab.

you bet i sucked up.
everychance i had.
that's how i fixed it.
that's what i did.

and now my knees are spotless and my legs are crossed.
and i needn't spread them.
cause i can afford:
piety, chastity, charity, your company.

Human Interest

You set it up, you set it right,
it's fair enough. al'right:
if i want a loan, if i wanna trespass.
why should i walk when you've got wheels.
when i'm in doubt, when i'm in debt,
when i'm in deep at your expense.
then i owe you. i owe you. i owe.

i'd never make you suffer, i know that wouldn't do,
and that ain't practical, and i ain't through.
when what i got needs fixing, when i want something new,
i know i'm covered with you. your're my human interest...


Found yourself an asshole
find yourself the door.
ain't gonna fix your leaks for you.
ain't gonna watch the store.

every last string and gut pulled apart and divvied up
my share
trash man (etc.)

found yourself an asshole,
knew you could afford.
keep your handouts - cup cake -
find yourself the door


Copyright © Swag Valance Publishing Ltd, 1994