Buck Rogers Syndrome (BRS) Defined

Back in 1991 I documented and named a debilitating disease that has afflicted the great majority of musicians who have, throughout recent decades, tried to create music that aims to be defined as "futuristic" and/or "experimental". Scientific research has indicated that the following symptoms are characteristic of the disease: The afflicted patients often exhibit one of these qualities in conjunction with the last. Extreme cases have been documented that frighteningly exhibit most all of them.

These symptoms appear to have a root cause in the mistaken belief that the expressions of such symptoms are the lone gateways to creating "futuristic" or "artistically challenging" music. Ironically, as we look back to the 1970s, we discover in retrospect that it was teenage hair-bands like Aerosmith that were truly making the music of the future (i.e., the Black Crowes, Aerosmith, etc.). To think that all along every Casio- and MIDI-toting guy with a bad haircut and a Johnny Cash wardrobe needed only collagen injections and a gargling regimen of Drano to truly create the "music of the future" is a stunning revelation to many of the afflicted.

As for the name, Buck Rogers Syndrome (or BRS), it is a reference to the many failed attempts at "futuristic" music representative of lame late-70s/early-80s sci-fi TV shows such as Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Horribly contrived disco never quite sounded so bad. But the satin pants? You just gotta love 'em.