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Sarek of Vulcan
a.k.a. Garrett Fitzgerald -- Official Diver of the RFA
Brown University Class of '90

Version 3.12
GCS/MU d-@ s+:+ a C++ US+>++ P+>+++ L E W++ N++ o K w++$>---
O M++>$ PS+>+++ PE Y+ PGP+ t+@ 5++ X R tv>-- b+++>++++ 
DI+ D++ G+ e++>* h---->++ r+++ y++++>**
You are Amiga OS. Ahead of your time.  You keep a lot
of balls in the air.  If only your parents had given you more
opportunities to suceed.
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If you really want generic personal information, I guess I can't stop you...

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Maine was my home from November 1992 to November 1997. I moved up there when I realized that my LDR was costing me about as much as paying rent up there would. :-)

If you happen to drive by Freeport after midnight, I highly recommend stopping at the L.L.Bean Factory Outlet. It's open 24 hours, and I find that the hours when nobody else is there are best. :-)

On your way to Bean's, you used to drive by Delorme Mapping, but they've moved to Yarmouth.

Once you start losing the signal from WGBH or WBUR in Boston, you can tune nearby on the dial and listen to Maine Public Radio.

Brown University

[Brown Insignia]

Brown University is one of the oldest universities in the country. Founded in 1764, it has become one of the nation's top schools. I attended (on and off) from September 1984 - May 1990, at which time I received my BA in Computer Science. During my freshman year, I played in the Brown University "That's not disgusting -- that's Semiotic" Band! After playing live on national TV (NBC Today) at the beginning of my second year, I gave it up for lack of time. I did stroll in 8 consecutive Commencement Marches, though... :-)

There is a LISTSERV mailing list for Brown students, alums, and interested parties. If you're interested, send mail to with the command SUBSCRIBE Brunonia <your name here> in the body of the message.

To read the Brown Alumni Magazine on-line, check out the weBAM!


While still living in Providence, I started following a Celtic-American folk group called Atwater-Donnelly. At one of her concerts at UMaine, I found out that Aubrey had an e-mail address. Having recently found out about the WWW, I made the connection and offered to put them on the Web. She liked the idea. A couple of years later, Aubrey took over hosting the site herself, and it's since gone through a complete redesign.

I have been a fan of the SF/Fantasy author Diane Duane for longer than I've been an A-D fan, though. :-) She and her husband, Peter Morwood, form the Owl Springs Partnership, based at their home in County Wicklow, Ireland.

[The Journal Entries]

Speaking of science fiction, Elf Sternberg has written what may be the largest body of fiction by one author on the Internet. He maintains a web site for his SF erotica stories, known collectively as The Journal Entries, as well as some of his other works.

If you like books as much as I do, then you'll love, which bills itself as Earth's largest bookstore. If they don't have it, they can get it, but they probably have it....

...but if you don't like large chain stores, try out Powell's City of Books, which takes up an entire city block in Downtown Portland.

After listening to The Capitol Steps today, I can't let another day go by without pointing you to their Web page. :-)

If you're into public radio, you may want to check out the web sites for National Public Radio and Public Radio International (broadcast home of A Prairie Home Companion). For the news of the day, use the free RealPlayer to listen to All Things Considered.

The Commonwealth Club of California is the "the largest and most prestigious public affairs speaking forum in the United States", and the National Press Club also books wonderful speakers. I used to listen to them on Maine Public Radio, too....

Among the documents on the Vatican web site is an especially interesting one, Humanum Genus, which condemns Freemasonry for supporting freedom of religion, public schools, and the separation of church and state.

Have you ever been to, The Happiest Place On The Net(tina marie)? If not, you're probably too late: it's no longer the happiest place on the net. If you want to see it in its heyday, check out my old posts.

Other links I couldn't resist


My wife and I formerly worked with Orono Assembly #38 (Orono, ME) of The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. Rainbow's governing body, Supreme Assembly, is online with a web page and a mailing list, details of which you can find on the site.

We are also Past Matron and Patron of Tuscan Chapter #148, Bangor, ME, and also of Unity Chapter #14, Riverside, RI, of the Order of the Eastern Star.

Peter Trei has a page with all the Masonic Links he could find, including the ones below. Check it out.


Every HTML Author/Specialist/Programmer/whatever should make frequent reference to The World-Wide Web Consortium, the home of the real cutting-edge work being done on the Web. If you even think about writing HTML, this is the page for you.

If you have a Mac, check out the Info-Mac HyperArchive, at MIT. Another good resource is The Well-Connected Mac. You might also be interested in MacCentral Online. Of course, the definitive source of info is Apple Computer, Inc. :-)

If you like knowing why things on the net are the way they are, check out the Internet RFCs, which give such information as how to forge News and Mail, along with other useful stuff. :-)

For the past few years, I've been working in various versions of Foxpro, and am merrily programming away in version 6.08.0. When designing my databases, I find that xCase makes things a lot easier....

I also dabble occasionally in Crystal Reports, an extremely powerful report writer that works well with VFP.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation works to protect our rights in cyberspace.

WWW Indexes

Heh. It's been a while since I looked down this far. I rarely use anything these days except It caches pages, as Lycos did, and Google Groups took over DejaNews quite a while ago. Yahoo still has its place as a search engine, though: it's a directory, rather than an index.

My favorite WWW index is Yahoo - A Guide to WWW. If it's out there, it's most probably in here. :-)

I was fascinated recently when I found Lycos. Lycos not only lists the URLs and descriptions of pages, it actually loads and stores them! I was fascinated to find several other pages that linked to mine...

Since I wrote that last paragraph, I've become less fascinated with Lycos, as tools such as Excite, which can refine your search as you go along, have come out...

Of course, Alta Vista, which indexes Usenet, isn't all that bad either... It's particular useful for checking posts to technical groups, such as

Deja News is another powerful tool for searching Usenet. It also provides Author Profiles, so you can find out where else your favorite gadfly has been posting.