In our era, the youth have vied with each other in disputing
whether vi or EMACS is the best UNIX editor.

It's a noble battle and each person to their own software,
but we think that vi best embodies the UNIX philosophy of:

(see The Unix Philosophy by Mike Gancarz, Digital Press, 1995).

Vi has a steeper learning curve, but it probably builds more
intestinal fortitude.

We LOVE Lemmy
Screenshot of Lemmy 4.5 (in optional old-school "green" mode) for the PC.

Vi is available for all operating systems, under various names:
vi, xvi, Vim, Vile, WinVi, Elvis, Lemmy, etc. To learn more, visit:

Vi Lovers homepage
Vi Reference Card (pdf)
vi powered! homepage

We are very thankful for the free shell community, especially

Ed An Interview with Ed, elder statesman of Line Editors.

Ed sits down for another excellent interview: All Seeing ED.

Ed emotes on writing.

Read the newsletter of the Line Editor's Society.

Ed Tutorial by Brian Kernighan (pdf) Ed Man Page
Ed, man! !man ed (pdf)

Ed is versatile, even working in Windows (might need regex2.dll).

Speaking of Ed, what would the excellent mailx program be without him?

[ This Web Page is Lynx Friendly! ]

The LYNX browser is our STANDARD. Get acquainted at Lynx Friendly.
Download an awesome Lynx for Win32 from Japan [after extracting,
copy lynx.cfg from docs to top dir where lynx.exe is].

We use PuTTy for Telnet/SSH and began using Bitvise SSH Cient for SFTP
when DOS FTP wouldn't connect anymore.

Check-out our INVENTION!!! The P.A.D. (Personal Alphanumeric Device),
and our Nietzsche and Deconstruction (or purchase UMI edition}.

vi powered!

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