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Programms Size Version Description
Animated cursor editor (by Microsoft) 66 k 3.5 Edit animated cursors for your mouse
Barking Cards 96 1.34 M 1.0 A Windows 95 animated greeting card shareware application. It includes 2 wacky greetings with high quality animation and sound. Add your own text, photos, clip art or sounds to the cards. Send the self executing file to any Windows 3.1 or 95 user
Boot Manager 95 98 K 1.1a System util that allows you to easily configure Win95 boot options
Caledos 139 K 3.0 Automatic wallpaper changer for Windows 95, it includes unlimited number of bitmap usable, support .bmp and jpeg image, and different arrangment for every picture etc...
CD_Quick Cache for WIN95 334 K 1.2 Improves performance of any cd-rom drive by storing frequently read data to RAM and/or hard drive space
CD Wizard 315 K 4.03 An audio CD player that includes all functions of a home CD Player and more,
CD/Spectrum Pro 680 K 2.3 A full feature CD-Audio player and spectrum analyzer.
CoolWake 313 K 1.1 A sophisticated alarm program which allows you to set an unlimited number of daily alarms. CoolWake can use CDs and Wav files. it also lets you post reminders to yourself which are shown when the alarm goes off.
CuteFTP 483 K 1.8 A nice FTP client with a windows interface. Nice features such as transfer rate, time remaining for the transfer, will automatically transfer binary files as binary and text files as ascii etc...
Desktop Toilet, 57 K   Recycle Bin replacement!
Drag And View 600K 1.22 Allows to you view the contents of a file without having to run the program that created it. It allows you to view files created by popular word processors, databases, spreadsheets and bitmapped or vector graphic programs
Egor 3.3 M 3.1 A good animation editor for your homepage, you don't need to know java
Free Agent 717 K 1.1 Forte's free Newsreader.
FTP Explorer 708 K 1.0 A nice File Transfer Protocol that looks and acts like Windows Explorer.
File Fission Wizard 1.37 M   Excellent utility for splitting large files , ie into 1.44 mb
Filo 105 K 1.6 Modify the date, time, and attribute properties of selected files and folders.
FullDisk 32 K 2.1 View the contents of your hard disk on a tree-by-tree basis.
Gif Construction Set 1.0 M 1.0p Excellent utility for making animated gifs
GRBack Cross Backup 271 K 1.8 This fully Functional Shareware 32-bit program helps you maintain your important data. It recreate your source directory tree into the destination drive and for every directory it create a PKZIP compatible (with long file name support) archive. Fully customizable: include, exclude files, skip directories. Fully Microsoft System Agent aware. Quick. Support network and removable drives.
GRDUW Disk Utility 280 K 2.0 Full Functional Shareware 32-bit (NOT Win/NT) format, repair etc Support for 1.72MB and MS-DMF (1.68MB) diskettes. Duplicate and Compare diskettes. Save and Load Diskette binary images. Boot sector check and recreate. Optimized disk Format and Verify. Detailed disk information display. Hard Disk/Diskette Repair capability. Fully integrated with the explorer.
Virtual Holiday Lights 171 K 2.2 Very nice desktop utility
HomeSite 1.10 M 2.0 Easy to use HTML editor with lots of good features such as colour-coding, spell checker, built-in HTML 2.0 browser, etc...
Horas 110 K 1.7 Create several clocks corresponding to different time zones and includes a time converter.
HotDog Pro for Win95 4.4 M 3.0.9 Excellent HTML editor
HotDog Pro Spp 1.84 M 3.0 Support file for Hot Dog Pro
HyperSnap 379 K 2.70 Easy to use high quality screen capturing program
Lifesaver 1.9 M 2.01 Backup critical system files (registary files. ini etc)
Lview Pro 305K 1.3 Excellent image editor, ie: make transparent gif for your homepage
Memory Status 15 K   A neat program that monitors free RAM and Windows 95 system resources
Microangelo 631 K 2.0 Outstanding icon, cursor, and animated cursor editor
MoonPhase 14 K   Keep current phase of the moon on your screen
Moonrise 528 K 3.0 Provides info such as the day's sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and twilight times. You can also find the next moon phases, and see an icon showing the approximate current phase
Ncrypt 507 K   File encryption compression archiving and mail utility program
OneDIR Pro 88 K   Powerful DOS DIR command replacement which offers many unique features such as provides robust Windows 95 long file name support etc...
PaintShop Pro ver: 4.10, 2.8 M 4.12 Excellent graphic editor
Popup Calendar 185 k 1.5 Places the day of the month as an icon on your system tray. Clicking on the icon brings up a small monthly calendar, which the user can navigate.
PowerDesk 713K   Put applications, system tools, and an DOS command line on a free-floating or anchored toolbar
Powertoy by Microsoft 204 k   Tweak your system settings and registary
Print Screen 468 k   Enables full screen (desktop) print using the Print Screen key
Proverbs Screen Saver 246 k 2.0 Screen Saver with 300+ Bible Quotes
Quick View Plus 3.8 M 4.0 Allows you to quickly view more than 200 file format, very nice!
RDel 11 Kb   With this program, the DOS's delete command will send files to Windows 95's Recycle Bin
RegClean 1.5 M 1.0 Clean your Registry for unnecessary & orphaned files
Registry Search & Replace 1.5 M 1.0 Edit your registers (for expert users only!)
ShutDown 32 K 1.61 Quicker than clicking on Start and then ShutDown or using NT's Program Manager to shutdown. Shutdown the computer from a batch file or a shortcut on the 95 desktop. Also will logoff current user or restart computer. Supports timed shutdowns, running of a batch file or program before shutting down, and 95's MS-DOS mode etc...
SmartDoc 60 Kb   A nice little utility to convert Help files to text files.
SmilerShell 172 Kb   Use this utility to create function-key shortcuts in Windows 95 or Windows NT
Shellwizard 741K 2.0 Lets you change Windows 95 settings like names of desktop items, boot options etc...
Sidekick, 225 7K   Personal Information Manager (This is a trial version)
Siggen 610 K 2g Utility for designing ASCII art letters for you E-mail signature file
SnagIt 246 K 3.1 Another great screen capturing utility, it allows you to capture full, portion, or even a specific window
Start Clean 18.6K   Remove deleted programs from your START button everytime you start up you windows
Stay Connected! 761 K 1.0 Never lose another internet connection
SuperDIR 95 100 K 6.15 A complete replacement for the MS-DOS "DIR" command with long filename support under Windows 95. It has all the features of DOS's "DIR" command plus a huge array of other useful features etc...
ThunderByte Anti-Virus 95 685 K 7.05 One of the best anti-virus program for Win95!
Toolbar 2000 900 K 2.12 A floating toolbar with utilities like full-featured ZIP manager, LED Clock etc..
TrayExit 8 K 1.0 Exit Windows 95 fassssst!!!
UCopy 63 K 1.0 Neat utility to format 1.44 MB to 1.68MB DMF format.
Unios ver. 1.6, 130 K 1.6 Easy to use units converter including capacity, currency, distance, speed, temperature, weight, etc. .
Vecrel 1400 K   A 3-D rendering Utility
Visual Calendar Planner   4.1 Calendar planner!
Visual Day Planner 3.47 M 5.0 Provides a fast way to schedule appointments, and display monthly or weekly listings. Easily enter reminders, appointments, or memos by clicking on a date and typing. You control the font, color, and strike-through of completed tasks. Print color calendars, and set your calendar as Windows Wallpaper. Workgroup-enabled across networks!
VRAMDIR 38 K 1.07 A dynamic 32-bit virtual RAM file system driver for Windows 95. It is to replace RAM-disk and speed up hard-disk related operations. VRAMDIR is over 30 times faster than hard-disks, 5 times faster than RAM-disks, and 2 times faster than disk-cache...
Waste for Windows 95 740 K 2.5 Analyzes your hard disk and indicates the total amount of space in use, and provides various figures that can help you decide on how to best partition your disk for maximum usage
WetSock 49 K   Brings you the weather forecast when you access the Internet
Wineyes 212 K   Eyes follows your cursor around
Winimage 185 K 3.0 Excellent utiltiy for making image of your original disks, diskcopy and format
WinZip 6.2 for Windows 95 629 K   The file compression utility now for Win95 platform
X-Win32 1.8 M)   Excellent X-Windows emulator
pkunzip.exe     DOS based decompression utility by makers of Winzip
arj.exe     Another DOS based file compression utility
winrar.exe     Win file compression utility
uudecode.exe     UUencode/Decode


Names Size Version Discription
3D Dudes, 706 K   A 3d, virtual fighting game where you can fight your dude against various other dudes. You can personalize your dude to have your own picture and voice. Or you can use any one of the existing dudes to fight with.
Bog 2 103K   An addictive word game
Bomb Squad 180K   Defuse the bomb before time runs out
Botz 917 K   Action game, shooting robots
Chess game 536 K   An exiting Championship Chess GAme
Connect4 for windows 95 859 K 1 1 & 2 player modes
Defuse the bomb! 180 K   This may be bomb Squad
Hangman 2.0 146 K   Now with graphics
Hardwood Solitaire II 2.6 M 1.0 Nice 24 bit graphics, 8 different deck backs, 2 different hand-painted face styles, a hardwood table, etc
Invader95 915 K   Classic shooting comes for Windows95
Klotz 138 K   Similar to Tetris
3D Maze 1053 K   Generate 3D mazes and solve them
Majongg 95 1.9 M   A great version of the ancient tile matching game
Nitemare 1.39 M   Action game for Win95
Puzzle 2.0 61 K   8 tile puzzle type
Quake 9M 1.06 Includes a .bat file to allow Win95 users to play over the Net!
Quake Spy 282 K 3.21 the easy way to find Quake games on the Internet
Road Rash Demo   A fast and furious sportbike racing game from EA (req. win95, 16mb RAM, and DirectX 2, 4.5 M)
The Scent of War I 1.53 M   Role Playing game includes 10 races (elves, minotaurs etc ...) and 10 classes (knights, mages, etc ...)
Slots of Trivial 517K 1.3 Cool game, this program is a slot machine crossed with "Trivial Pursuit"
Super Pong 95 680 K   Super pong game for Windows 95
Tiles and Tribulations 567 K   Win95 action/arcade game
WinBrick 96 803 K 2.05 A great breakout type game for Win95!


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