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So who are these people??

Dave Washburn

Dave has done a little of everything in his life, from longshoreman to librarian. He has a couple of degrees in biblical languages and is an avid scuba diver. He's also very into games, as you can tell, and is a trained musician on top of everything else. He likes to say that he has a dumb one-liner for every occasion, and the time seemed right to put that weird sense of humor to work. In college, he was good a remembering names, so when someone would forget his and ask again, he started saying "Irving J. Frumpleyemer, at your service." The name stuck, and was a natural choice for his first Internet character. His other characters include Sir Nitpick, Moon Child, and the M.A.N. (a reflection of his own status in life). He also does all of our editing and maintains the web site.


Naomi Washburn

Naomi holds a degree in English and is a hopeless book addict. She works as a video game tester in the Seattle area when she's not being totally subservient to her cat, Morpheus. When she's not doing game testing or reviewing something, she enjoys watching everyone on That Guy With The Glasses and eating her family's cooking. She is also into glass working and has her own torch and kiln setup where she plays with interesting designs and colors to create beauty in glass.


Malinda Washburn

Our intrepid camera operator and director, Malinda has studied theater and acting in college, and is a certified dog trainer by trade. She has a great eye for detail and is one of the big factors that make our shows look good. She is preparing to start her own show within the next year under the name Natorni, so be sure to watch for it. Also an avid scuba diver, she excels at underwater photography and likes to find tiny sea creatures and take outstanding pictures of them. When she isn't helping with the show or helping someone with their dog, she's busy spoiling her own laborador retriever, Jet.