Another week has started. I don't think that it's going to be as busy as the past few weeks. Chelle wasn't able to get a party scheduled for this week. Her last one didn't go too well. She only had three people show up and I don't think that the hostess got too many outside orders. I'm working on a website so that she can point people to some information on the toys and how to get in contact with her to purchace them. I'll drop a link to the site here when I feel like it's ready to go primetime. -
We've got a wedding reception to attend tonight. I'll try and take a few pictures and post them this weekend. Michelle is a bridesmaid in the wedding. She looks so great in her dress! -
I've added a link to my Webshots photo album. The pictures are mainly of my son Miles. He was born back in September of 2000. He has been the greatest thrill and challenge of my life. -
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