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November 2007 - SQLClue is here!

In your organization do you see:

  • A need for more archival capabilities than my DDL Archive Utility provides?
  • Require query baselines and visual performance analysis data that is an accurate representation of the production environment and at the same time light weight, extensible and easy to use by folks other than the DBAs?
  • Want to get a handle on the non-application internal uses of your data - primarily reporting, analysis and testing activities that are often missed when planning for security and scalability.
  • Lack an accurate description of the SQL Server administration and operations details necessary to assure business continuity?

If any of those ring true in your shop, then you need SQLClue. Head over to my Office Live web site http://www.bwunder.com for full details.

SQL Server 2000/SQL Server 2005 scripts, articles and tools.

  • .NET-OOP Primer An article I wrote for the PASS SIG website intened to be a DBA oriented introduction to the CLR technologies in SQL Server 2005.
  • Regular Expressions: CLR Super Strings - an article I wrote for a SQL PASS Newsletter for February 2005 about some of the interesting possibilities of SQL Server 2005 CLR integration..
  • DDL Archive Utility FAQ and Download - Tool to maintain an archive of SQL Server DDL in SourceSafe
  • Archive of my sswug.org Articles - 54 articles on SQL Server 2000 topics. Some of the more popular include the series on replacing all SQLMail functionality with an SMTP solution and log shipping using SQL LiteSpeed.
  • SQL Server 2000 scripts - The stored procedures and tables I use and write about in many of the articles and other I find useful for those times when a stored procedure just doesn't quite fill the bill.including T-SQL batch scripts and VB ActiveX scripts for the Scripting Host and DTS ActiveX Script Tasks

Many of these articles and scripts were also published on the SQL Server Worldwide Users Group web site. You will find that the content here includes bug fixes and other enhancements that are not included in the scripts on the sswug site.

Database software lifecycle tools for Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000*

Tutorials, schema, build scripts and stored procedures to automate DMO database scripting, as well as builds, migrations, releases and hot fixes and development. Includes a useful implementation of SourceSafe get latest, check in,check out and diff comparisons via T-SQL.

* The OLE Automation stored procedures began having the same "MEMTOLEAVE" memory leak problems problems as SQLMAIL and linked servers in SQL Server 2000. I'm not sure Microsoft ever solved those issues. Use caution when running any OLE based SQL Server in-process components, especially on a server that cannot be rebooted regularly to refresh the memory space.

The admin subsystem for MS SQL Server 6.5

T-SQL distributed database management tutotials originally published on these pages beginning in 1996.

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