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Fort Gorge RV Park
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Work Objective: Design, develop, implement, and educate SQL Server Database Administrators, Database Developers, and other IT leaders concerning routine methods - as opposed to ad hoc, hit and miss, and so called "firefighting mode" to to assure the availability, reliability and usability of the database servers in the organization.

Professional Highlights

Employment History

DBA for Pinnacle Sports Worldwide
June 2006 to June 2007
DBA Team Lead for top rated sports books in the offshore gaming industry legally operating in the Dutch Antilles. Set up automated monitoring and subsequent query tuning activities that stabalized erratic database performance issues. By January of 2007 the once frequently taxed servers were consistently running at 10% CPU utilization or less. Designed and implemented a DBA team code review process for all production bound T-SQL. Worked with management, developers, QA engineer to assure that everyone understood the purpose and value of meeting each review guideline. The end result was a process that was perhaps just a little too intensive on time requirements for the DBA team, but was lauded by the developers for how much they were learning, praised by management for the reduction of production reverts achieved immediately, and naturally was big hit for DBA crew.

DBA for Wall Street On Demand
April 2001 to June 2006
Complete software lifecycle Database Administrator for over 30 SQL Servers with approximately 60 production database duplicated to two data centers for busy financial news and research content provider, web design and hosting organization serving over 1.5 billion unique page request per year as of mid 2006. I was the only DBA and there was no development or test environments when I started. The previous DBA, though well liked and respected by the crew, had fled the state after several months on the job. Business increased over 50% each year of employment. Not nearly as dramatic as the unique page load growth yet helps to show the sort of environment that I found quite compelling for several years. Also helpful to understand that for most of my tenure the office was in Boulder and, while the floor plan was open and collaborative, my seat was along a wall of windows with a wide open view of the Flatirons. Championed and helped design and build automated software lifecycle intranet based T-SQL script promotion tools. Established coding standards and peer code reviews.

Senior Database Administrator for Procard, Inc.
February 2000 to April 2001
Design, develop, and support corporate credit transaction data warehouse, OLAP data marts and web based report delivery application. Mentor database administrators. Train development teams transitioning to MS SQL Server from MS Visual Fox Pro. Configure SQL Server Replication and Clustering.

Senior Database Administrator for Achieve Communications
July 1999 to February 2000
Architect, design, develop and administer MS SQL Server/Cold Fusion internet application "bringing parents and teachers together online". Mentor database developer's. Configure SQL 7.0 Clustering.

DBA/Database Developer/ASP Developer/Domain Admin for CINS, Inc.
September 1997 to June 1999
System Administration of Internet Information Service (IIS), MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Guardian Firewall and Windows NT domains for the online information repository for Colorado Secretary of State's Central Index System. Build and maintain NT servers and RAID subsystems. Develop and maintain ASP/ADO and Cold Fusion front end and SQL Server back end applications.

Senior Database Administrator for Comprehensive Software Systems
September 1996 to September 1997
Admin of MS SQL Server in n-tier environment - C++ application server VB Presentation layer -- on Windows NT. Tune and troubleshoot SQL Server. Develop Visual Basic DAO, DMO, RDO utilities. Change control. Support geographically distributed business analysts, product developers, and client installations.

Senior AS400 Systems Technician for Intelligent Electronics
October 1995 to September 1996
Implement, maintain and monitor production and development databases, architectures, and environments on heterogeneous platforms with a primary emphasis on a distributed AS400 platform in a LANSA environment. Responsible for all architectural components of distributed data environment, development change management and migration, and upper CASE tools.

Application Developer & Sybase DBA for VSA, Inc.
August 1993 to October 1995
Develop, maintain and provide technical support for AS400 RDBMS in a LANSA environment and concurrently fill DBA role for Sybase SQL server sales force automation & decision support data warehouse application. Scope of projects include purchasing, inventory management, sales forecasting, telesales, field sales, warehousing, logistics, transportation, A/R, A/P, G/L.

Electro-Mechanical Systems/PC Technician for Keystone Resorts
November 1988 to June 1991
Design, implement, and maintain physical plant equipment database identifying parts usage, maintenance history, scheduling, and cost reporting. Develop budgets, estimates, and subcontractor agreement documents using PC. Install and maintain commercial microprocessor controlled EMS systems. Maintain, troubleshoot, install and repair electrical and electronic controls and control circuits.

Engineering Test Technician for A.R. Wilfley & Sons
August 1987 to October 1988
Develop pump impeller sizing and production pump testing data reduction program using data from production and research test cycles applied to the Hydraulic Affinity Laws. Develop test cycle results database and plot data to applications engineering performance curves.

Various non-computer related positions
1971 to 1987
Handyman, HVAC Mechanic, Forklift Parts and Service Manager, Electric Motor Sales & Service, Warehouse Manager, Uranium Mill Operator, Parts Clerk, Seismic Laborer, Shipping and Receiving Clerk, Roughneck, Dishwasher.

Regis University
B.S., Computer Information Systems with
Business Administration minor, cum laude1993
Casper College
Liberal Arts, computer courses in statistics
and BASIC programming language1974-5

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