SQL Scripts referenced by the articles

current activity quick and clean
list tables on server with no data
create linked servers with standard config
force users out of a database
identify and track tables with no clustered indexes
automated block monitoring and tracking
number of objects on server monitor of tracking
index (fragmentation) maintenance
identify largest tables on the server
automated log disk space management
find user objects where they don't belong
show all fixed database role members
move log files to a different drive
table function to get Agent job status
add identity primary keys to legacy tables
meaningful Agent job notification
change the SID of a login without loss of security settings
sp_monitor history and historical performance report
Free Space Monitoring Tool stored procedures and job
Run a job from all existing SQL Agent Alerts
Track Procedures In Use on a SQL Server
Heavy Duty LiteSpeed Log Shipping
Index (fragmentation) Maintenance for Log Shipping
YukonJack - Try-Catch test script
Local Partition Demo - Saturday Night Live
Local Partition Demo - Middle of The Road
Local Partition Demo - Life of the Party
baseline and trends using sysperfinfo
db file performance baseline and trends using --fn_virtualfilestats
can SQL Agent job be safely started
script logins for migration
From xp_sendmail to xp_smtp_sendmail

Other Utility SQL Scripts

AlterTableConversionFrom PULL.sql
Average Daily reads.sql
disable ALL backup jobs.sql
DROP a domain login.sql
find all nullable text and image cols on server.sql
find all text and image cols in current db.sql
find cursors.sql
find trailing white space.sql
find user objects with public permissions.sql
findstr in project folders.sql
lodctr command line.sql
map a login to a new SID keeping user perms.sql
members in all fixed db roles.sql
move log files to diff drive.sql
New Text Document.txt
recompile aggregation from trace table.sql
roles and members 2.sql
roles and members.sql
roles members users permissions script.sql
roles members users permissions.sql
run a query on all linked servers.sql
script detatch attach ALL.sql
script restore all dbs from same path.sql
showcontig into a table.sql
sizes from sysperfinfo.sql
space used into a table.sql
SQL 2000 Trace Events lookup table.sql
sysperfinfo log info.sql
sysperfinfo queries.sql
tables not replicated.sql
tables using most space in a DB.sql
trace from ZEUS.sql
trace table list queries.sql
trace to identify all sa logins.sql
Transaction and IO metrics.sql
virtualfilestats performance.sql