About Barry Gold

I am, among other things:

A member of LASFS, The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.
I am currently webmaster of their site.
A computer programmer
(currently specializing in websites, PHP, and QA, aka nitpicking other people's work.)
An amateur cook and pastry chef
I make a pecan pie to die for. My pumpkin bread, sponge cake, and chicken soup with matzo balls are also well thought of.
A filksinger and guitar player.
I am frequently asked to perform a concert set (20-30 minutes) at Science Fiction and Filk-related conventions.
Lee Gold's Husband
A Rolegamer.
Some of my characters:
a Hengeyokai (shapechanger) cat in a game set in 13th century Japan. (Not currently active in Japan, but appearing in alt.callahans).
Nenya, a demon
Dropped into the room where the characters were laying plans for their quest and laughed. The geisha wrote Buddhist sutras on his arm, and he can't get rid of them until after they complete their quest. And they itch like crazy.
Sword Finn, a 6-year-old Viking.
He's about big enough for a 12-year old, but only as mature as an 9-year-old. He's half-Sidhe, the result of his parents visit to Ireland. The name comes because he was born with a sword. The Vikings campaign is set in the 10th century.
Telly, the NBC Peacock.
a Toon character, of course. His natural enemies are black and white, and he has the power to change the colors of just about anything.
Suleiman and Hassan, alchemist and fighter in a medieval Europe campaign.
In this world, Iberia remained in control of the Moors, who allied with Vikings to explore the new world and bring back chocolate, tomatoes and potatoes in the 13th century. The expedition has been sent out to sell the new foodstuffs to the royal courts of Europe. But beware; they tend to show up in the strangest places.
No one expects the Spanish Expedition. Our chief weapon is Chocolate Fondue and Gallina En Mole...
Jade, A Flyer (winged humanoid) and Caidin, a Psi in the Asteroids campaign.
Caidin recently went catatonic for a time after learning definitively that the legendary asteroid Rest Stop was only a legend. She has since recovered and is planning to build it.

My wife, Lee Gold, writes some very good filksongs, many of which have appeared in Xenofilkia and Filkerup. She also edits Alarums and Excursions, a roleplaying APA, and runs the rather peculiar rolegaming campaigns mentioned above.

Phone: +1 310-306-7456
Feel free to write me at bgold@nyx.net

We would like to thank ConChord for providing webspace for these pages.

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