A&E is a photocopied monthly roleplaying game APA (amateur press association) with contributors from across the US, UK, and Canada. It won Origins Awards in 1985, 2000, 2001, and 2002.

A&E was begun back in 1975. It skipped one month in the first year while Lee Gold was in Japan, and another month in 2006 when she was recovering from major surgery, but has come out regularly every month otherwise. This page will be changed or deleted if A&E stops being published. Maximum length is 150 pages, no advertisements; issues usually run 60-80 pages.

A&E is not affiliated with any gaming company. Contributors are interested in many different games. They are also interested in cultural and military history, fantasy and science fiction, rock music, military re-enactments, movies, martial arts, murder mysteries, filksongs, science fiction fandom, religion, physics, astronomy, and a number of other subjects, all of which can be easily tied into roleplaying games if you take a sufficiently creative approach.

An issue of A&E costs $2.50 plus postage. You may send cash, if you feel like trusting the Post Office with it, but Lee isn't responsible if it goes astray. Checks should be made payable to Lee Gold.

Contributors who vow not to send copies to other people may opt to receive A&E as a set of emailed files, mostly Word97, or as all PDF files (specify which version you want): $2.
Note change: The e-dition is now available to all contributors, not just to non-USans.

Non-US buyers may send currency or a cheque in your own national currency. UKans may contact Lee Gold to be put in touch with a UKan who has a US$ cheque account. Payment may also be made by PayPal to Lee Gold's account. (Your payment will be debited the PayPal fee, which is 2.9% plus 30¢, plus an additional 2.2% if your original currency is not US$.)

Send payment by currency - or by check, traveler's check or postal money order in US$ (made out to Lee Gold), to:

	Lee Gold
	3965 Alla Road
	Los Angeles, CA 90066

Current postage rates are:

  Destination       5 ounces   6 ounces   7 ounces   8 ounces   9 ounces   10 ounces   11 ounces   12 ounces
  US   $1.56   $1.73   $1.90   $2.07   $2.24   $2.41   $2.58   $2.75
  Canada   $2.07   $2.33   $2.59   $2.85

  Great Britain, Japan   $4.60   $5.44   $6.28   $7.12


For further details, see

BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE: 80-83, 88, 89, 98, 103-116, 120-144, 146-148, 153, 157-178, 180, 186-187, 191-192, 194, 197-198, 201-205, 207+.

No fixed cost subscriptions are possible, since postage and contribution credit may vary from month to month. Each month, your envelope will indicate how much money you have left. If there isn't enough money to send A&E, you will be notified — and your balance will be returned at your request.

The cheapest way to get A&E is to contribute. A contributor pays per page of the contribution and gets that issue free and the next issue for postage only. US contributors have A&Es mailed First Class. Non-US contributors have A&Es mailed Air Mail. If you have a contribution for A&E:

  1. Snailmail it to Lee Gold, 3965 Alla Road, Los Angeles, CA 90066 on a floppy disk. Or email it to The file should be in .doc, .pdf, .html, or .rtf format. Do not use .docs or .zip formats.
    Lee Gold will format and edit it. This may involve correcting your spelling and grammar. The cost is $1.75/page or fraction thereof.
  2. Send camera-ready copy, and Lee Gold will photocopy it for you. The cost is $1.75/page or fraction thereof.
  3. Handwrite it, and Lee Gold will type it up for you. She may also change your spelling and grammar, rephrase or insert comments, and maybe even make some typos. The cost is $3.00/page or fraction thereof, including printing your zine.
  4. Print it yourself — 50 copies

Unpaid for material will not be copied nor included in A&E.

If you decide you want to revise a zine, PHONE (310) 306-7456 immediately. If the original version has already been printed, you'll be charged for materials used.

If you send the contribution Express Mail, specify "No Signature Required"! There's a $1 charge for standing in line at the post office.

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