Thanks for visiting my archives. This page utilizes graphics and is best viewed in some sort of graphical browser, but you can still get to everything via text-only browsers as well. The stories below were written by me. They are copyright by Katanya, all rights reserved. They contain nasty sex-type stuff so don't read if it is illegal to do so in your area, or if you may be offended. Any depiction of illegal activity is not intent to encourage or justify such behavior. Each story is listed below. Just click on the [LINK] next to the name of the story and it'll take you right there.

  • Paulie

  • Marsha's Night Out

  • Lydia

  • Decisions

  • A Viking's Story

  • Check out The Alt Sex Stories Text Repository for a huge listing of free erotic fiction.
  • Thanks to Kristen's Collection for listing this page in their list of free sex stories. Kristin's is easily the largest list of free sex stories around! Definitely a must-see.
  • Derek Parker's "Heroes and Heroines in Erotic Fiction", an excerpt from his excellent book.
  • Clean Sheets webzine, with articles both about and containing sex.
  • Passion Press printing house, home of many fine erotic artists.
  • Mary Mamohanraj's list of books about how to write fiction.

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