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Marianne by Tori Amos - (Suggested by a reader) Apparently about somebody Tori Amos knew who died through drug use or perhaps ultimately suicide. They said A: To the best accounts the song Marianne is about a girl from Montgomery Village, Maryland named Marianne Curtis. Marianne attended Richard Montgomery High School with a then Ellen Amos. Her family was very religious and Marianne had gotten involved with drugs and alchohol, something the family was in denial about.

(Tori has relayed to fans in personal conversations about the topic that the line "Tuna, rubber, a little blubber in my igloo" was inspired by an incident in which Marianne gave Tori a pair of almost new blue jeans because Marianne's drug use had made her so skinny that she no longer fit into them.)

According to police records in 1978 Marianne went to a weekend-long party and was doing cocaine, smoking pot and drinking heavily. She and a friend set out to buy more booze on Saturday evening and their car became lodged in some mud off of Montgomery Village Avenue. Marianne got out and attempted to push on the back of the car while the friend gunned the engine. The combination of drugs in her system combined with the physical exertion caused Marianne to collapse. The friend tried to administer CPR and then laid her in the back seat while she ran off to get help. By the time she returned Marianne had died.

Rumors about Marianne's death were abundant in great part to the reluctance of the family to discuss the truth of the matter because of their religious convictions. It was widely speculated that Marianne had suicided, thus the reference to the matter in the lyrics. Lyrics

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Last updated 15 March 2009