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What is Nyx?

For a more complete answer, see the "philosophy of Nyx"; but, briefly, Nyx is a public access Unix system that brings you as much access to the resources of Unix and the world-wide network ("The Internet") as we can allow. It is a public computing equivalent to public TV. Nyx is not an ordinary "BBS" in so far as it is one of the few that is primarily Internet based (rather than, say, "fido"). Since the Internet is the primary research, administrative, and educational network for the world, it has generally very high quality material and articulate users. It also doesn't take itself too seriously. Nyx is a free, public system that provides access to the Internet for users who otherwise cannot reach it.

Nyx details and statistics

Nyx is run on a network of donated Sun Sparcservers (sparc 2's and 10's) running the Unix operating system and maintained by volunteer effort. Major features and statistics include:

More Information

As you browse the following files, please keep in mind that when they were written, hypertext was no more than a concept in the minds of a handful of information scientists. They were meant to be browsed after logging in to Nyx.

The following files are found in the Info Directory.

Scenic Sites

The following are a random selection of useful pages on the Web.


Nyx is a public access Unix system run by volunteers. The operators have neither control over nor responsibility for the opinions of users. If you have a problem with anything served by this machine, please read the Freedom of Speech policy.

Of course, as a node on the Net, Nyx is subject to several overlapping Acceptable Use Policies. In particular, please do not serve material of an explicitly commercial nature before discussing your actions with webmaster@nyx.