Nyx Fund drive! Moving! HELLLLLLLPPPPP!!!!

As you've likely seen by now, Nyx has had to move away from Tryg's place because of his illness. This also means he won't be subsidizing Nyx's operations any more. I wish I could thank him profusely for what he's done for Nyx these last 15 years, and I want to thank Darlene and everyone else who's kept Nyx's vision alive all this time. You all have done and are doing an incredible, wonderful job. I'm utterly surprised to find myself back with Nyx again. I'm glad Darlene contacted me, and I'm happy to be back (to the extent one can be happy given the sad circumstances of an old friend's health). At any rate, I'm energized and looking forward to helping Nyx continue its mission. But, wow, do we face some challenges.

As we start the next chapter in Nyx's life, we need several things:

1) FUND DRIVE: Nyx is desperately short on funds. There's only a few hundred dollars in Nyx's coffers. Which won't last long. [Update: Some breathing room, but still not much in the bank.] Tryg had been funding almost all Nyx's expenses out of his own generous pocket, but now Nyx, she's on her own again. That means it's desperately time for a fund drive. You know the drill. If you don't, it's easy: Send checks payable to Nyx Net to (NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS!)

Or, use this form...

to donate via credit card / Paypal. Remember that Nyx is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit so donations are tax deductible. (And may be matched by your employer.) Also keep in mind that validated users who donate $100 or more become official Supporting Members.

Can you help?????

2) MOVING: (Update -- we're all moved in. But now we have all the costs associated with a new space, such as having to add more power, so that brings us back to #1, fund drive...)

3) FUTURE DIRECTIONS: Not as urgent, but ultimately critical, we need to have discussions on what Nyx can do to remain relevant in today's world. When I started Nyx lo' these many years ago (over 25!!!) just getting -onto- the Internet was an amazing idea. Now of course folks are on the net almost 24x7. Nyx is in danger of dying now from lack of relevancy.

What needs can Nyx meet that aren't being served, or are under-served, that fit within Nyx's spirit?

For example, given the state of the economy and how hard it is for people to get a leg up, one that I would like to see Nyx do is provide free web sites to non-profits, writers, artists, and generally members' other small businesses. [Update: We now offer this. Tell the world!] As a writer myself I know many other artistic types who could benefit from not having to pay for hosting. Beyond that, I've heard too many stories of people who are unemployed or struggling and who need help advertising what they do -- perhaps they're a carpenter, or a landscaper, or painter, or a writer, artist, etc. -- and they can't afford paying for hosting a web site. I'm not talking about hosting the next Facebook (though I do strongly believe in fostering innovation); I'm thinking about people trying to make a go of it and who have limited funds. I'm involved with our local Rotary club (including as webmaster), and it's a shame to see small non-profits like that paying for hosting when they could be using those funds for their charitable goals, helping those who need help. Nyx seems like the perfect place to help those kind of worthy people and organizations, with both a free place to host and free advice on how to set such things up.

Anyway, that's just one example I'd thought of. What other things might Nyx do that are relevant today, and fit within the spirit of providing free Internet-related services to help make the world a better place?



So, thanks for helping in any way you can, with funds, muscles, and/or input!!

—Andrew Burt
President & Founder, Nyx.Net

(Until I get a spam-free web contact form set up on Nyx, you can contact me directly via my personal contact form. Post public comments and questions to the nyx.misc newsgroup. Thanks!)