Recently I finished restoring a 1947 Hardinge ToolRoom Lathe and thought some may enjoy seeing it. This is a split bed lathe (model T10 or TL). Below the photos of the toolroom lathe is a shot of a Hardinge 2nd operation lathe (accessory catalog to this machine here) and a small Hardinge horizontal mill. The 2nd op lathe and mill are from about the same era as the toolroom lathe. The 2nd operation lathe came with a lot of tooling and as a plus fits the bed of the toolroom lathe (also fits the Cataract lathe). The lathes are both fitted with 1 1/2 hp DC drives and the mill has a 3/4 hp DC drive.

Notice the dc motor sticking through the cabinet. It was a little to long to fit completely in the cabinet.

The bed was placed up on the chevalier mill and machined. Because of the overhang/weight it ended up with about a .001 to .0015 bow up in the middle. This was later scraped down.

Notice the two nicks on the bed. These two deeper ones did not clean up. (.004 was taken off to clean up all but these)

Here is a shot of the 2nd operation lathe.

Hardinge horizontal mill. 3"x12" table

A 1994 Chevalier mill

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Steve J. Lindsay