Sourdough FAQs

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Sourdough FAQs

... together with other useful information related to the art of sourdough bread making.


Sourdough Starter Sources


Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter (Carl's Starter) is now distributed from a commemorative web site. Carl's tradition of returning a dried starter to any one who sent him a self-addressed stamped envelope is continued.


Sourdough International, Inc.
PO Box 993
Cascade, Idaho 83611
FAX (208) 382-3129
(Nine different starters at $US10.50 each. I sent an email note to (Sourdoughs International) and they sent me a brochure about their starters in the mail.) They have a website at;

3. -- $8.99

4. -- Mister Baker's Sourdough Starter Packet -- $3.95


Also, Worldwide Sourdoughs From Your Bread Machine. Donna German and Ed Wood. Published by Bristol Publishing Enterprises, Inc. $8.95 ISBN 1-55867-095-5

From the rear cover --


Mailing List

There is a mailing list for bread making (not just sourdough). To subscribe to this list (Bread Bakers Digest) send mail to: and in the body of the message put:



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