Panorama images

Some images from a cheap digital camera, stitched together with Panorama Tools and GIMP

Flathead Lake, Montana, August 2002
Flathead Lake, MT
Bigger picture: 1899x360 100kB

Glacier Park, East of St. Mary, Montana, August 2002
Glacier Park, East of St. Mary, MT
Bigger picture: 2296x360 190kB

The perspective distortion of the images below has an interesting effect: the two buildings are actually angled about 120 degrees, but appears more like 90 degrees on the first picture, and 180 on the second.
(No, I don't own the place!)

Bigger picture: 2764x380 207 kB

Bigger picture: 3100x320 271 kB

Sunset at the local mall

Bigger picture: 2043x750 122kB


I would like to thank helpful people on the Net for explaining the theory and techniques of creating panoramic images, such as:

No thanks to the camera manufacturer for disabling the panorama-functions of the camera when fitted with a third party memory card!

Casper Maarbjerg, 2006-06-23