About Casper's Cottage

Est. July 4., 1998

This is my leisure residence on the wild world web. It is meant as depot for small pieces of information, that hopefully can be of some use to others.

I have also edited a couple of chapters intended for a printed guide for new Nyx users.

To keep my baggage at a minimum, I store non-browsable items compressed with gzip, whenever I can, specifically, stuff intended for visitors from Unix systems.

All pages are composed using VI.


I have a basic education in electronics, learned about computing around 1981, and worked with microcomputers since then.
Currently, I work with systems design/management, ad-hoc programming, image manipulation, and 3D modeling.

I do not own any trademarks or names, so if I happen to mention any, they are the property of their respective owners!

I don't write my email address anywhere, to avoid opening more cans of spam, but normal folks should be able to figure it out. - or use my mail-form.

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