Constraint-Based FIR Filter Design

This is Meteor with a semi-interactive graphical user interface: the constraint-based linear phase finite impulse response (FIR) filter design program by K. Steiglitz, T.W. Parks, and J.F. Kaiser.  One can use this program to design filters with rather exotic characteristics.  Instead of pass bands and stop bands, the user specifies the upper, lower, and convexity constraints on the frequency response.  The only implicit design constraint is that the FIR filter be linear phase.  The simplex linear programming algorithm is then used to find the linear phase FIR filter satisfying these constraints, if it exists.

The original textual interface and main program were written in Pascal. The C versions for the textual interface and main program are also available for downloading.

Currently the only platform supported is Windows 95, not by choice but out of desperation.  I had wanted to create the interface in HTML so that people can design filters over the Web, but I could not find a place that would allow user-created CGI scripts. Right now you have to live with the primitive graphics, since I am not a Windows programmer by trade and have no intention of becoming one. I only spent enough time to get the job done so that I could use it myself.

I do, however, welcome all comments and suggestions.

Click here to download the .zip file.  It contains:
The Windows 95 executable: meteor.exe
Design examples from the paper:  example1.met 
example2, met

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