William D. Elkins welcomes Lynx users!
April 30, 1996

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This site optimized for Lynx!
Lynx makes 1200 BPS seem as fast as Netscape at 28,800 BPS!

Links to other sites I like.

Alta Vista, baby!
Digital Equipment's nifty web search engine. Returns web pages or Usenet messages. Uses entire text of pages and messages for keywords. If you haven't tried it, do so. You'll be back!
The BIG Chicken
A navigational aid used by the world's major airlines when landing at Hartsfield International. Also relied upon for ground transportation.
A user supported Internet service provider operating in Denver, Colorado USA. NYX let me onto the Internet when the Internet wasn't cool. Well the Internet's always been cool, but not fully available to the average guy in Savannah.
Insane Giraffe
Rabid giraffe terrorizes the Internet. Worse, this rabid giraffe has a somewhat clueless lawyer.
Savannah Online
Information about the Savannah, Georgia USA area. Includes an Email directory of area residents.
Betty's Page
Betty and Noel have a homepage. (Not sure Noel is aware of it.)
I worked at WTOC for 25 years and 363 days. 'Tis a sad story as to why I did not make it to 26 years. Suffice it to say my supervisor was a real inDUHvidual. With few (okay 2) exceptions it is a fine group of people.
If you don't know what an inDUHvidual is, you may be one. Check it out!

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