Executable size

The sizes of the executables produced in the "release build" step were compared to get the following figures. Again, executable size is not always a significant decider in choosing language tools, but Eiffel has a poor reputation and I wanted to see how it stacks up.

Optimized executable sizes, C++ and Eiffel

Optimized executable size comparison, C++ and Eiffel

Eiffel wins again (though not by much, and only in the later, larger programs), much to my surprise-- I had thought that C++ would be the clear winner here, but in the later programs, where I'm guessing that C++ lists and template instantiation are bloating the executable, Eiffel comes out on top. The Beta1 value for this is about 0.43, with a Beta0 of 24760, so it's tough to use this as a predictor, but the graph shows a trend of optimized Eiffel executables smaller than the equivalent optimized C++ executables, particularly as program size increases.

Of course, proponents might argue that execution speed is the real touchstone, with storage spaces ballooning out of sight these days. So it would only be appropriate to add a comparison of optimized executable speed.