Environmental Projects

Everyone is familiar with The Booze Council's main environmental project, Seal Clubbing: It's Just Not Cool. Member companies of The Booze Council have divested themselves of any connections to those who engage in seal clubbing. The Council also distributes literature in schools, in the form of comic books, to steer kids out of seal clubbing and into more constructive activities like baseball. But did you know about our other environmental programs?
Air Recycling Project
In our own offices, and in the offices of most of our members, we have instituted our Air Recycling Project. This helps ensure that our grandchildren, and their grandchildren, will have plenty of this most precious of resources.
Reduced Packaging Project
Booze has always been packaged in an environmentally-friendly way. Compare a bottle of booze to a six-pack of beer. The booze only requires one bottle, while the six-pack has six individual bottles, plus a cardboard container! Reduced packaging means less landfill space, and if you recycle your bottles, no landfill space! But we aren't stopping there. We encourage our members to sell their booze in large bottles, like 1.75 liter bottles. The result: less bottle, more booze!
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