Advertising Campaigns

The Booze Council has run a number of advertising campaigns, in an attempt to expose more people to the wonders of booze. Many of them are probably familiar to you:
Booze: It does a body good!
Booze greatly improves your image of yourself and those around you. All the attractive and popular people are drinking booze!
Booze: It's not just for breakfast anymore!
Yes, booze is the perfect form of refreshment, any time, any place. Everyone comes running for the great taste of booze!
Booze: Because beer is for sissies!
Beer companies spend enormous amounts of money to display scantily-clad women in an attempt to get you to buy their products. But informed consumers know, there's just no substitute for booze.
Booze: It's what's for dinner!
Booze is the perfect companion for dinner... or any meal!
Make booze a part of your life. It's the only way of achieving true happiness. You'll be glad you did.

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