Introduction to the Pascal Programming Language

© 1998 by Dr. Thomas W. MacFarland -- All Rights Reserved

     Instructions:   Review the following program and see if you can 
                     predict the outcome by completing a "pencil 
                     trace" of the code.  

                     Program output is provided at the end of this 

     Compiler:       The program was prepared using Standard Pascal 
                     on a UNIX-based host computer.

% cat PASCAL/intro_pencil-02.p
{ Introduction to the Pascal Programming Language
  Dr. Thomas W. MacFarland

{ The purpose of this program is to:

  1.  Demonstrate the write statement and the writeln 

  2.  Demonstrate cursor-control differences between the
      write statement and writeln statements.

  3.  Demonstrate how the write statement must have an
      argument, while it is acceptable to use writeln
      without an argument.
program Demonstrate_Another_Cursor_Control_Program;


   writeln('This program ');
   write('is fairly simple.');
   write('Yes or no?');

end.  { intro_pencil-02.p      } 
% pc PASCAL/intro_pencil-02.p
Thu Aug 20 20:11:10 1998  PASCAL/intro_pencil-02.p:
E 10560 line 24 -  Write requires an argument

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