Structured Programming in Basic Problems

© 1998 by Dr. Thomas W. MacFarland -- All Rights Reserved

     Instructions:   Review the following program and see if you can 
                     predict the outcome by completing a "pencil 
                     trace" of the code.  

                     Program output is provided at the end of this 

     Compiler:       The program was prepared using GWBasic, which  
                     requires the use of line numbers.

10 REM This program demonstrates how numbers can also have
20 REM a value as a character.
30 A  = 5
40 B$ = "1"
50 PRINT "A = "; A    'A is a number.
60 PRINT "B = "; B$   'B$ is a character.
99 END
10000 REM And the answer is ...
10010 REM A =  5
10020 REM B = 1

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