Consulting Services on Statistical Analyses and Reporting

Dr. MacFarland provides consulting services to university personnel and graduate students in the areas of Statistics and Computer-Mediated Statistical Analysis.

Contact Information:
Phone 561-715-8702
Fax 413-683-0586
Post P.O. Box 273404 Boca Raton Florida 33427 USA

When you use US mail, do not send anything to this address that requires a visit to the front desk: registered mail, certified mail, postage-due mail.

If you need assistance and possibly a quote for my services, please be sure to provide the following information:

Please try to put this information into a simple one page summary and send it to me, either as an e-mail message or as a faxed document. Please do not send a data file or any type of attachement during our first contacts. At the beginning, it is best to know about the data and your requirements, so that later on we can actually look at real data and engage in selected analyses.

Let me know how I can assist you in the areas of institutional research, statistics, and computer science education.

Please send comments or suggestions to Dr. Thomas W. MacFarland

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