Factbook Guidelines

A factbook is an excellent communication medium for an institution to reach applicants and parents, current students, faculty and staff, alumni, legislators, potential donors, the press, and targeted individuals. Contemporary factbooks can use many possible designs, from simple one-page tri-folds to 100 page glossy booklets. Timely and accurate information are essential if an institution is to generate a well-received factbook. Fortunately, nearly all institutions generate a series of reports for the United States government, such as IPEDS reports, and the data in these reports can be used to make a timely factbook that is also cost-effective. Please be sure to contact me for suggestions and quotes on how existing data can be used to prepare a high-quality factbook that will be highly regarded by your college community and others.

Let me know how I can assist you in the areas of institutional research, statistics, and computer science education.

Please send comments or suggestions to Dr. Thomas W. MacFarland

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