Twenty five years of progressive data processing experience in micro computer architecture, local & wide area networking, and application development. Responsibilities include project management, systems design & development, network setup & maintenance, and detailed programming activities.

OBJECTIVE: To excel in the forefront of information systems technology.
Perot Systems (TENET)
Enterprise Architect, October 2002 - Present
  • One of the Primary Architect and Design team member for ePrime eCapture Project. Main responsibility includes OCR Processing.
  • Designed, architected and built an Enterprise Faxing Services middleware that bridges internal applications with Captaris RightFax System.
  • Architected Patient Bed Control system utilizing Enterprise Archetype Patterns and UML, especially the Rule Engine subsystem.
  • Designed, architected and built an Enterprise Faxing SOA middleware that bridges internal applications with Captaris RightFax System.
  • Part of the Architecture and Design team for a new Patient Access front-end to provide a modern, efficient user interface and operate with high availability while retaining integration with existing PBAR ADT (Admission/Discharge/Transfer) Systems
  • Architected and built the excess inventory system for Tenet's internal use
  • Enhanced Central Facility Database with new Legal and Facility Applications Management subsystems
  • Ported and updated the enterprise-wide Human Resources Management Systems

    All utilizing Microsoft ASP.NET/Smart Client technology and C# on the client side, and Microsoft IIS, SQL/Oracle Server, and (when applicable,) legacy DB2 connectivity and/or COM+ system on the server side.
Avanade (Internal Projects)
Solutions Developer, April 2001 - September 2002
  • Jul. 2002 - Sep. 2002, National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies
    Implemented CoreChange CorePort as an external e-Portal solutions with the Microsoft .NET vision of simpler, business-driven content management philosophy. Utilizing Microsoft Active Directory as role-based Single Sign-On repository.

  • Jun. 2002, Philips Medical Systems
    Developed an enterprise-wide solution for the Single Sign-On project utilizing Avanade Security Broker. Integrated both custom-developed and web-based appications as well as legacy desktop applications by using encrypted http headers and win32 hooks.

  • Mar. 2002 - May 2002, Business Intelligence Project
    Established a quick-start demo system for Data Warehousing in Sales/Marketing utilizing Microsoft .NET Framework, various ADO.NET connectors, utilizing both native .NET assemblies in C# and legacy COM interop in C++ and VB.

  • Dec. 2001 - Feb. 2002, PTC
    Developed a Microsoft Project 2000 export AddIn to integrate with PTC ProjectLink. Utilized Visual C++, ATL/COM, XML, and OLEDB.

  • Oct. 2001 - Dec. 2001, Enterprise Collaboration Practice
    Established a turn-key demo system for Sales/Marketing utilizing Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server, showcasing the integration of Data Analyzer, Exchange Server, Smart Tags, and various OfficeXP products. Extensive use of XML/XSLT through Microsoft OfficeXP Development Environment.

  • Jul. 2001 - Oct. 2001, Columbia Sportswear
    Implemented Microsoft Office XP Smart Tags to integrade with JD Edwards back-end systems. Utilized Visual C++'s ATL/COM wizard, Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Microsoft SQL Server back-end.

  • May. 2001 - Jun. 2001, Microsoft Office XP Smart Tags
    Responsible in developing the Siebel and PeopleSoft Smart Tags for Office XP. Utilized Visual C++'s ATL/COM wizard, Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Microsoft Component Services (COM+) to accomplish this task.
Perot Systems (Internal Projects)
Associate, July 1990 - March 2001
  • Feb. 2000 - Mar. 2001, Emrys Technologies, Inc.
    Ported ViewManager Enterprise Wireless Application front-end from Win32 MFC project to PalmOS 3.5 CodeWarriors C++ project. Involved in extensive TCP/IP and low-level socket program architecture design.

  • Jul. 1999 - Jan. 2000, Lutheran Brotherhood
    Upgraded AdaptiFlow™ Workflow Subsystem to incorporate additional Repositories from other Vendors, such as Mobius and AWD, utilizing NetServer CORBA technology. Also upgraded from Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C++ 5.0 to 6.0 for Y2K compliancy.

  • Jan. 1996 - Jul. 1999, Business Process Automation
    Developed Enterprise Workflow/Imaging System for AVIS, PMI, FSMB, and NBME. Client software implemented on Intel-based Windows 95 and Windows NT platform using Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Powersoft PowerBuilder. Server process implemented using Oracle 7.2 with Pro-C Embedded SQL on HP-9000 series cluster and Sybase SQL Server System 10 with OpenClient Embedded SQL on Sun SPARC series workstations.

    Short-term assignments while in BPA:
    • Jan. 1997 - Apr. 1997, Barclays Home Finance (U.K.)
      Upgraded Workflow Subsystem under Open Systems Performance Improvement project for Home Mortgage Company. Client software implemented using InConcert, TclTk, Galaxy, and Filenet Workflow Application Libraries (WAL) on NCD X-Terminal platform connected to HP Cell Servers. Server Process implemented using InConcert, Filenet Image Management Systems (IMS) and Oracle SQL Server on HP T500 servers and IBM RS-6000 Workstations.

    • Mar. 1998 - Dec. 1998, Lutheran Brotherhood
      Developed AdaptiFlow™ Workflow Subsystem's Socket Communication Layer for Non-Profit Organization. Client software implemented using Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++ (COM/ATL,) and Filenet Workflow Application Libraries (WAL/NT) on Intel-based Windows NT workstation. Middleware implemented using Encina and Filenet Panagon Web Services on Intel-based Windows NT server. Server Process implemented using Filenet Image Management Systems (IMS) and Sybase SQL Server on IBM RS/6000 AIX servers.

    • Jan. 1999 - Jul. 1999, Y2K Projects
      Upgraded RobertPlan Imaging's HP/Sybase/Microsoft/Powersoft Implementation and AVIS' SUN/Sybase/Microsoft Implementation for Y2K readiness. All live servers were upgraded during weekends to ensure 100% uptime.

  • Aug. 1993 - May. 1995, RobertPlan Imaging
    Developed WorkFlow Systems for enterprise-wide Image Processing. Client software implemented on Intel-based Windows 3.1 platform using Powersoft PowerBuilder and Microsoft Visual C++. Server process implemented using Sybase OpenClient DB-Library/C on HP-9000 series clusters.

  • Aug. 1992 - Jul. 1993, Value Health Sciences
    Developed Practice Review Systems (Value Coder Plus) claim processing C Engine to interface with DB2 database. Implemented on Intel-based OS/2 2.1 platform using IBM C Set/2 and migrated to CICS on-line using SAS C.

  • Apr. 1991 - Jul. 1992, Zale Lipshy University Hospital
    Updated hospital-wide Local Area Network from 3Com 3+Open to Microsoft LAN Manager. Installed office productivity software for 200-plus Intel-based Windows 3.1 workstation. Monitored installation of Radiology Imaging Systems on IBM RS/6000 workstation.

  • Jul. 1990 - Mar. 1991, American Medical International
    Modified and enhanced corporate-wide time reporting and payroll front-end systems on Intel-based Novell Netware 2.1 platform using Microsoft ProBasic and Novell BTrieve. Modified and enhanced remote dial-in link to on-line Genesis Payroll System.
Mobil E&P (PRISM Project)
Contract Programmer Analyst, February 1989 - July 1990
    Designed and produced event-driven Manage Subsurface Data front-end application on Apple Macintosh platform using Symantec THINK C, Apple MPW C & Assembler, and Netway 1000 API (3270) gateway for remote dial-in.
Greenleaf Software (C Libraries Team)
Senior Software Engineer, June 1988 - February 1989
    Designed new version of Greenleaf Functions, Business MathLib, CommLib, and DataWindows to better compete in the newly emerged event-driven GUI market. Implemented using Microsoft C and Macro Assembler on Intel-based DOS, Windows, OS/2, and SCO XENIX platforms.
Summit Software (Organizational Profitability Systems)
Senior Analyst, March 1986 - June 1988
    Designed and enhanced cost accounting systems to complement mainstream accounting procedures for Banks and Financial Institutions. Written in Microsoft C, Macro Assembler, QuickBASIC, and Novell BTrieve on Intel-based Novell Netware 286 platform.
Electronic Data Systems (Health Services Division)
Systems Engineer, February 1984 - March 1986
    Maintained and enhanced the Pharmacy subsystem of Patient Care Information Systems. Selected to design and implement new Outpatient Pharmacy subsystem. Implemented on Data General MV10000 using UNIX, C, and Assembler.
M.A. Mathematics/Statistics Truman State University 1983 3.83
B.Sc. Computer Science Truman State University 1982 3.70
Transfer Credits Computer Science University of Louisiana 1981 4.00
Transfer Credits Computer Science Indiana Tech 1980 3.50
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