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I have to keep coming up with new and interesting ways to attract people to my page. This is my newest effort. There is some serious information on these links as well as the stuff you probably came here to see.


  • Here is a page of scantily-clad blondes.
  • These are some very nice pictures, although the user interface reeks.
  • Meet the Girls of the Internet
  • Can there ever be too many Girls on the Net?
  • Here is some weird, wild stuff
  • See what looks good in a swimsuit
  • Not for Arnold Palmer: The Bikini Open
  • Link to some playmates from the pages of Playboy
  • Can you be like Epimetheus and handle Pandora's box?
  • Take a look through some live video cameras
  • Sexuality Bytes
  • Here is a sex stories archive.
  • Kara's Guide to Internet Sex Stories
  • Bowd'sPage of Women
  • Visit the Sex Shop.
  • Some people like to see nudes covered in mud and other goo.
  • Take a trip back in time to explore sex lives of historical figures.
  • Joycelyn Elders would want you to read this.
  • Learn what you can about fertility.
  • Here's a good place for you to put your semen.
  • Find out about legal prostitution in Nevada.
  • Find out about the not-so-legal prostitution everywhere else.
  • Here's the federal government's family values in action, according to this Netizen.
  • Is virginity as common as it used to be?
  • Some like it gay.
  • Here is a link to hundreds of sex sites.
  • Here are still other fun and interesting links

    Go here if you think this kind of stuff shouldn't be available.

    The source on Jenny McCarthy

    I can't claim to be a fan, per se -- why does she have to make all those strange faces on "Singled Out" -- but it seems one sure way to generate Net traffic is to put up some Jenny McCarthy links. These are all tested and working as of 13 December 1996.

    Fan pages

  • Welcome to Jenny
  • Another version of the same Jenny McCarthy page
  • Yet another Jenny McCarthy page
  • A Spanish page

    Pictures, pictures, and more...

  • Jenny McCarthy
  • An awesome archive of Jenny photos
  • The World of Jenny McCarthy - seems so much nicer than the one we live in


  • Playboy's "The Best of Jenny McCarthy"

    Go here if you think this kind of stuff shouldn't be available.

    Watch this space for future additions!

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