Internet is a network of network of computers. With the spread of the Internet use around the globe, more people join in and consequently more resources are added regularly to Internet. This article focusses on some of the servers around the globe which may be of interest and use to toxicologists.

To get acquainted with Internet, one can start with use of the electronic mail.The Internet mail system would be of great help for toxicologists.One can send a e-mail and can get a reply from experts in their respective field in no matter of time.This type of interaction may be of help at times of environmental catastrophes and help can come from unexpected source surprisingly.

We have the e-mail discussion group "bionet.toxicology" People subscribing to the mailing list receive regularly the broadcast message sent to the list server. To know how to join this mailing list send "HELP" as the body of the e-mail message to the address "". The e-mail based subscription to the list server may be made if your service provider does not have News server.The e-mail software (usually Pine, in many instances) can be configured to read News group of servers in the different part of the globe. Alternatively point your web link to the gopher address: " gopher://" or to the Web site "".

We can read preprint version of journal titles by e-mail.For example, to find how to read Springer-Verlag journal contents send a e-mail message "HELP" to the email address "" or alternatively we can retrieve the file by "file transfer protocol" (ftp) from "" Using the Web browser we can get more details on the publication of Elsevier or CRC press whose links are "" ""

We can have more information on plant toxins at " :80/PID/PID.html" a very good link maintained at National University of Singapore.To have details on other chemicals, point the browser to "". To know more about different toxicology departments around the globe connect to "" (or) to " "

To make best use of Internet, use of search engines have become a must. You can search with "Keywords" of interest and find out related Web sites in the respective field of specialisation.The well known Web search engine "" also gives leads to other search engines like Webcrawler,Lycos etc.,which enables us to find the requisite information.

To have the Society of Toxicology update connect to ""

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[Due to everchanging nature of Internet, at print time some of the links may have moved to other sites. Send your comments to the e-mail address below.]

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