Steven J. Taylor

Resume of Caving

November 1999

Selected Karst Research Activities:


Selected publications in caving literature (not peer reviewed):

Bertoni, Leandro Dybal, and Steven J. Taylor. 1998. History of the exploration of the Sao Vicente and adjacent cave systems in Brazil. NSS News (magazine of the National Speleological Society): 56(12): 351.

Lee, Cindy and Steven J. Taylor. 1996. Report on surface work conducted in eastern Perry County, Missouri. The Crawlway Courier (newsletter of Little Egypt Grotto) 30(4):44-45,48.

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Taylor, Steven J. 1993. Having a blast beyond Danger Dome. [in which a cave pack explodes!] The Crawlway Courier 27(2):36.

Taylor, Steven J. 1993. Armchair ridgewalking with computers: an investigation of the predictive value of some topographic features as indicators of the likelihood of the occurrence of known cave entrances. The Crawlway Courier 27(2):37-41. [also reprinted {1994} Pages 376-381 In: Fee, Scott (ed.). 1993 Speleo Digest. National Speleological Society, Huntsville, AL. 550 pp.]

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Taylor, Steven J., Leandro Dybal Bertoni, and Jean K. Krejca. 1998. Exploration and survey of the Sao Vicente System, Goias, Brazil. NSS News 56(12): 347-351.

Conservation/Cost-Share/Stewardship Agreements:

Other activities:

Cave Surveying:

State/Country Name (county) Year Footage
Solitary Sun Cave1992203
Turkey Feather Cave1992345
Mack Cypert Cave1992174
Clay Cave19921000.+
Hell Creek Cave1992200.+
Ungulate Sheltercave199250
cave, northern Arkansas1993910
Oz Cave19941300.+
Brazil, Goias
Abismo do Fotographo199531.4
Abismo do Periquito Jandaya199511.9
Abismo da Vaca Pigmeu199594.5
Abismo de Anglipigeo199516.8
Lapa Inferior do Tunel Duplo199593
Lapa do Reloglo Cuco da Kartheiser199529.9
Myron's Folly199319
Jerry's Jewel Cave2000>70ft
Heffalump Caverns19933180
Twisting Hellhole Cave1990100.+
Pinnatifid Spleenward Cave199136
Guthrie Cave1990-933244
Honeycomb Hole199256
Apis Annex199263
Boat Ramp Cave199260
McNabb Hollow Spring Cave199257
Stearn's Cave199220.+
Babe's Cave199298
Bat Cave199287
Kopper's Crevice1992152.5
Jean's Cave199229
Cossile Fast Pit199239
Crinoid Cave1992111
Cedar Cave199260
Cloven Hoof Cave199270
Paw Paw Pit199273
Indian Cave1993929.2
Ava Cave1993-953409.8
Teal's Cave1993366
Dulcet Waterfall Cave1993100.+
Cedar Bluff Cave1993980
Slick Crawl Cave19931281
Pipistrellus Pit Cave1993185
Simmons Creek Cave #21994460
Brasher Cave1995100.+
Cave of Wonder1995135
Hibdon Highway Cave1995135
Lower Bluff Lake Cave199563ft
Ruit Canal Cave1996362
Mason Caves #1 and #219961000.+
Poquitos Caverns199623.4ft
Apple River Schoolhouse Cave199993ft
New Mexico
Three Fingers Cave2000~1000ft
Pozo de la Escalera Cristal1994600.+
Pozo sin Oso199415.+
Ojo Encantado1997200.+
Sotano de San Marco1997100.+
Midway Cave199130.+
Mouse Hole)198966.5
Batty's Cave1992683
Angry Cow Cave1992456
Raging Bull Pit 199225
New Years Cave199228
Peanut Hull Cave199236
Shilly-Shally Cave1992293
Disappointment Doline Dump Cave199332
Sutterer Spring Cave1993135
Muskrat Run199346.5
Andrew Brumfield Pit199338
Pits of Little Egypt Pit1993131
Osteology Pit199334
Owl Head Pit 199615.+
Total Footage??,???

Cave maps drafted:

ArkansasUngulate Sheltercave 199350.ft
IllinoisPinnatifid Spleenwort Cave199230.+ft
Apple River Schoolhouse Cave200093ft
Babe's Cave199298
Cloven Hoof Cave199270.ft
Cossil Fast Pit199239.ft
Hibdon Highway Cave2000135ft
Lower Bluff Lake Cave200063ft
Poquitos Caverns200023.4ft
Teal's Cave2000366ft
Shilly-Shally Cave1993293.ft
Guthrie Cave [cartographer: Jean Krejca; data management, data reduction, and plotting: Steve Taylor]19932.01 miles
Ava Cave [cartographer: Jean Krejca]; data management and plotting: Steve Taylor19961.3 miles
IndianaMyron's Folly199619.1ft
MissouriMidway Cave1992475.ft
Peanut Hull199236.ft
Sutterer Spring Cave (w/ J. Krejca)1993180.ft
Batty's Cave 1992?683.ft
Andrew Brumfield Pit 199638.ft

Geographic Range of Caving Activities:

Brazil(1995)2 states
Mexico(1994-present)at least 3 states
United States(1987-present)
Arizona3 counties
Arkansas2 counties
Alabama2 counties
California1 county
Georgia1 county
Idaho2 counties
Illinoisat least 18 counties
Indianaat least 6 counties
Kentuckyat least 6 counties
Missouriat least 12 counties
New Mexico3 counties
Texasat least 4 counties
Tennesseeat least 5 counties
Virginia1 county
Washington2 counties

Selected Equipment: