Give Me Slack Or Kill Me All About...

A Shocking Image

NICKNAMES: Curious George, Slique, Punk

BIRTHPLACE: Post-Industrial Industrial Town


MOTTO: Don't expect me to carry a shovel behind your circus parade.

AMBITION: Cover Mons Olympus with Pink Flamingos.

TURN-ONS: Klystrons, Heavy Sarcasm, Schwartzwald Torte.

TURNOFFS: People with the compulsion to place personal information on their Web pages.

FAVORITE MOVIES: The Third Man, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Papillion.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Bach, Copland, Miles Davis.

FAVORITE BOOKS: Dark Sun, The Mythical Man-Month, Catch 22.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Any man can stand adversity. If you truly want to test his character, give him power."

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