Since Isle Royale National Park is an isolated wilderness, minor problems can quickly degenerate into medical emergencies, but most problems can be avoided by taking a few simple precautions.

Park visitors can take responsibility for their own safety by:

  • Knowing how to pack and use a First Aid Kit, and by carrying the other ten outdoor essentials.
  • Registering their activities at Mott Island, Windigo, or Rock Harbor as soon as they arrive.
  • Avoiding conflicts with the year round residents. Moose need large buffer spaces. Bulls can be aggressive as fall approaches, while cows are always protective of calves.
  • Filtering all surface water with a 0.4 micron or smaller water filter, or heating it to a rolling boil at least 2 minutes to kill protozoa, bacteria, and tapeworms . Tapeworm eggs are unaffected by Iodine and Bleach treatment, and complications caused by tapeworm infection can be life threatening.
  • Packing insect repellent and an inexpensive headnet. Loose, brightly colored clothing such as Polartec® fleece makes an effective cover-up on cool nights. While no poisonous insects or reptiles inhabit the island, biting insects are numerous, especially May through July.
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