World Wide Web Sites


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NBS Cooperative Studies in Isle Royale National Park
Hiking Isle Royale's BackCountry
Isle Royale 1997
Canoeing Isle Royale
The Isle Royale Photo Collection
A Trip to Isle Royale
Backpacking in Michigan
The National Park Service: Isle Royale


Usenet Newsgroups


This list of newsgroups is limited to those newsgroups most likely to provide answers to your questions without having to wade through irrelevant discussions.

  • alt.great-lakes
    Discussions of the Great Lakes and adjacent places.
    Talk about any boats with oars, paddles, etc.
  • rec.outdoors.national-parks
    Activities and politics in national parks.
    Fly fishing in general.
    Beginners questions about photography (and answers).
  • rec.scuba.locations
    Places to enjoy SCUBA diving.

    Mailing Lists


    The Outdoor Mailing List
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